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Adopting Responsible Business Practices

Compliance, integrity, ethics, fairness, and transparency. These are the foundations of our business model. We believe in the positive impact of our actions on our employees, our customers, and the communities in which we operate. We want to be actively involved in the community and in the causes that are important to us.

Taking action through our collaborations

Whether it's investing in local communities, social causes, or Canadian arts and culture, we strongly believe in the synergistic benefits of an outstretched hand. It's a way to enrich dialogue and support communities and associations in their struggles, whatever they may be.

We are proud to support social causes

Exclusive collections supporting the Breast Cancer Foundation

Exclusive Twik collection supporting mental health service organizations in their art therapy initiatives

Exclusive collection supporting United Way

We passionately support the arts, culture, and local communities

Supporting small businesses by creating a space dedicated to Canadian creators and manufacturers

Creating large-scale works by renowned Canadian artists for each of our new stores

Controlling Our Supply Chain in Order to Secure and Protect the Rights, Conditions, and Safety of All Workers

Simons offers its customers clothing and products produced according to strict ethical norms that conform with recognized international practices. Through regular inspections and social compliance audits performed by independent organizations, we ensure that our international production partners firmly and resolutely stick to the standards established in our Labour Practice Code, which is based on the conventions of the International Labour Organization.

Vision was established on these solid foundations. Over the next 5 years, we will be committed to doing better than yesterday and more than today.

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