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A Local Tuque For Local Temps

Made in Canada from a soft stretch knit that you can collect in all its colours!

Le 31 exclusive

Cuffed solid ribbed tuque


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New Collection

Modern yet timeless, these tech accessories are guaranteed to become your new essentials.

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Frigid Fun

Make the most of the snowy season with accessories that deliver comfort and warmth.

Le 31

Ribbed lambswool tuque


The Regenerated Nylon Backpack

Handcrafted in Canada, this bag is entirely made of recycled materials and those destined for the landfill.

457 ANEW

Regenerated nylon backpack


Reusable Face Masks

A protective essential for your everyday that's becoming a way to state your style.

Le 31

Tie-dye print mask

Save 30%

The Yankees Cap

Welcome to the big leagues.

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