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Simons Vision
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Welcome to the space where we highlight our sustainable actions and initiatives and shine a light on the cornerstones of our identity:
style, accessibility, and service.

Denim Shorts

The options are endless, but these shorts made of organic cotton are your faves.

Twik exclusive

Cut edges denim pleated short

Djab exclusive

Denim pull-on short

Denim shorts for her and for him at Simons
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Sleep Sustainably with

Treat yourself to the kind of sleep that benefits both you and the planet by choosing sheets made of organic cotton instead of conventional cotton. Minimizing the use of harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers, farming this form of cotton reduces the impact on water by 70%!

Simons Maison exclusive

Organic cotton sheet

Starting at
Organic cotton 200-thread-count sheet by Simons Maison
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Our Sustainability Standards

Shop with Vision Filters

Want to discover an assortment that's in line with your social and environmental values? Simons invites you to use our Vision Standards filters based on various sustainability criteria.

Sustainable Fashion in Our Zones

We have items in all of our zones that fit Vision requirements so you can shop your values, whatever your style.

Working Together for the Planet

In honour of Earth Day and the second anniversary of our Vision program, we wanted to hear from our design, buying, and supply teams because without them, this large-scale environmental project would not exist!

The Design Team

To design each of every one of the unique pieces in our exclusive collections.

Vision Mission
Integrate alternative and more sustainable solutions into their designs to make the final products as sustainable as possible.

Outstanding Achievement
The collaboration with REPREVE®, which has recycled over 1.4 million plastic bottles.

The Supply Team

Handle the development and quality control of exclusive products and work directly with suppliers.

Vision Mission
Obtain certifications and find fabric manufacturers and suppliers with sustainable solutions and innovative ideas.

Outstanding Achievement
The partnership with the non-profit organization Canopy to help protect old-growth and endangered forests.

The Buying Team

See the big picture for our entire assortment and decide what will be in each product category.

Vision Mission
Source innovative textile suppliers, develop sustainable materials for our exclusive collections, and bring in brands that are committed to environmental causes that meet Vision's requirements.

Outstanding Achievement
“I'm proud of the dialogue we have with our customers. We've developed a kind of sixth sense for knowing what they want. We really appreciate and value all the hard work that our buyers and designers do.”

Peter Simons, Chief Merchant

Browse Our Vision Collections

Earth Day
The Design Team
The Supply Team
The Buying Team


Montreal, Quebec

In the minds of Guy Snover and Daniel Martinez, everything turns in circles! The designers created a zero-waste circular process in which the decor object shines as the hero from its conception to well beyond its useful life.

3D-Printed Conan Recycled Plastic Vase by CYRC Design at Fabrique 1840
3D-Printed U Recycled Plastic Fruit Bowl by CYRC Design at Fabrique 1840
3D-Printed Fluke Recycled Plastic Vase by CYRC Design at Fabrique 1840
3D-Printed Fluke Recycled Plastic Vase by CYRC Design at Fabrique 1840
Swedish Stockings logo

Got old tights?
Recycle them!

Simons is taking part in the Swedish Stockings recycling club, which collects hosiery and upcycles it into furniture. Look for the boxes in our Miiyu departments where you can drop off your used or unused nylons: we accept all colours and brands!

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Urban Hives on Our Rooftops

For four years now, we've been involved in saving the bees, the busy workers who play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity.

Each year, in collaboration with Alvéole, we harvest the fruits of their labour: honey! To help you savour their hard work, we've created gourmet boxes. Visit us in store to pick one up.

Jars of honey

Do you have reusable bags?

Plan to bring them with you on your next visit to the store.

This small act goes a long way in helping us with our environmental efforts!

Vision Recycled felt Simons logo tote Recycled felt Simons logo tote
Simons exclusive

Recycled felt Simons logo tote


Vision Signature pattern reusable bag Signature pattern reusable bag
Simons exclusive

Signature pattern reusable bag


Vision Signature pattern reusable bag Signature pattern reusable bag
Simons exclusive

Signature pattern reusable bag


One Piece at a Time!

You'll find our specially marked green tags attached to the products.

Discover the sustainability standards that explain how the item's features meet Vision's requirements.

Turn the tag over to learn more about these sustainability standards.

Did you know? Our tags are made with recycled and recyclable materials and are printed with soy ink!

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