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Sunny Suppers

Honey yellow, cherry red, pistachio green, chocolate brown—the table and its bright delights have never looked more delicious than when surrounded by the sun's golden rays and your loved ones' laughter.

Bright delights
Colourful cocktail glasses
Stoneware oil cruet at Fabrique 1840
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Father's Day

For the men who inspire and reassure us, for the father figures who console and offer the best advice, we've gathered epic creations by Canadian artisans that are unique and special—just like they are.

Tablet sound amplifier and holder from LivCan Design at Fabrique 1840
Pinstripe leather and cotton apron from Atelier Chalet at Fabrique 1840

Take a deep dive into the world of local artisans. Discover a universe filled with tradition, innovation, age-old expertise, hard work, and dedication.

More than Skin Deep

An array of creams and oils for the face, body, and hair, as well as wellness wonders that provide stellar self-care, one tube at a time.

Wellness products at Fabrique 1840 by Simons
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