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Good style never takes a day off. Show off a bit of skin with these two trends that are tight, tight, tight!


Tied ribbed cropped tee


Black hook-front bustier


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Ruffled and smocked cami Ruffled and smocked cami
Twik exclusive

Ruffled and smocked cami

$18.00 $11.99

Geo openwork smocked blouse Geo openwork smocked blouse
Twik exclusive

Geo openwork smocked blouse

$39.00 $29.95

Lace-trim cami Lace-trim cami
Twik exclusive

Lace-trim cami

$18.00 $12.99

Nora frayed mom short Nora frayed mom short
Dr Denim

Nora frayed mom short

$85.00 $59.95

Eco-friendly denim workwear jacket Eco-friendly denim workwear jacket
Twik exclusive

Eco-friendly denim workwear jacket

$59.00 $39.95

Smocked mock neck crinkled T-shirt Smocked mock neck crinkled T-shirt
Twik exclusive

Smocked mock neck crinkled T-shirt

$29.00 $19.99

Summer gingham bustier Summer gingham bustier
Twik exclusive

Summer gingham bustier

$39.00 $9.99

Wrap miniskirt Wrap miniskirt
Twik exclusive

Wrap miniskirt

$29.00 $19.99

Totally new, totally updated, and totally up to be worn today!

Flawless fits.
Wonderful washes.
Unbeatable details.

Twik exclusive

Wide-leg high-rise jean

Twik exclusive

Faded denim balloon jean

Twik exclusive

Patch-pocket balloon jean


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It's Far From Over with Overshirts!

Dominating the scene, that's what
this style is doing.
Corduroy, fleece, raw denim... sport it in fabrics that hit hard and heavy.

Checked overshirt

Extra Big, Extra Baggy

Make your legs the focal point! How? With a high waist that hugs your hips, an overly oversized fit, and a longer-than-necessary leg.

Women's Jeans at Simons

Only in Store

New at Twik

Say "vamoose" to waste! In its studio, this Vancouver brand transforms iconic athletic finds into unique streetwear creations.

Twik: Remarkable Brands

Distinctive - Coveted - Emerging

These three words guide our buyers while picking out the world's most unique pieces.

Share your looks with us using the hashtag #twik for the chance to be featured on our platform!

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