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Popular Canadian designer Hayley Elsaesser tells us a story of her childhood spent from one end of Canada to the other in the '90s with an exclusive collection that's bright and bold.

Hayley Elsaesser x Twik

Sweet pastel mock-neck dress

Hayley Elsaesser x Twik

Cowboy billiard skirt

Hayley Elsaesser x Twik  at Simons

Fall's Delights

Hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, chai lattes... Wear cozy shades reminiscent of the season's tastiest treats.


Cropped rolled-neck sweater


Long puffer jacket

Long puffer jacket at Simons

Oh, the Nostalgia!

Your favourite cartoons
are coming to life on our T-shirts!

T-Shirts of The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White

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Fall for '70s

Pay tribute to a decade where vibrant colours, corduroy, and retro checks called the shots!

Seventies Trend at Simons


Twik pays tribute to creativity with its Renaissance collection, a meeting between the freedom provided by art and parodies of artwork from the past. With humour, Renaissance shows artistic expression to be an accessible world where anything is possible.

When you buy one of these items, $8 will be donated to mental health service organizations that offer art therapy: Les Impatients in Montreal and Full Circle in Toronto

Renaissance portrait tee at Simons
Girl with bubble gum sweatshirt dress at Simons

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