Djab - men's streetwear

The Sweat Set

Material: organic cotton
Colour: pale khaki
Perks: its toggle cord
and fine finishing details

Djab exclusive

Toggle-cord fleece hoodie

Djab exclusive

Toggle-cord fleece joggers

Djab toggle-cord fleece men's hoodie at Simons

The Crew-Neck Sweatshirt

Material: organic cotton
Colour: smoky blue
Perks: quality details and
a flawless silhouette

Djab exclusive

Basic crew-neck sweatshirt

Djab basic crew-neck men's sweatshirt at Simons

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Our Top Categories

The Rolled Tuque

Cropped, colourful, and made in Canada.

Djab cropped rolled beanie for men at Simons

Short rolled tuque


Jersey Joggers

Lighter, slimmer, and more technical = better suited to satisfy your comfort needs.

Djab double-knit slim joggers for men at Simons
Djab exclusive

Double-jersey slim joggers


Freshly Arrived, Already Fan Favourites

Vans x Where's Waldo?

No need to thumb through pages anymore: find Woof and Wizard Whitebeard right here at your feet.

Vans x Where's Waldo? for men at Simons

On the Beach Classic slip-ons


Rebel Against The Norm

This Canadian brand has a mission to help you look refined with a rebellious edge.

Last chance to take a look at our selection of finds at irresistible prices.


Edgy. Effortless. Engaged. Welcome to the world of Djab—it's more than just a label, it's a lifestyle, and one marked by the most influential streetwear brands. Embrace a non-conformist identity and make an emerging culture part of your MO.

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