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Slim Fit: perfect for the urban and avant-garde professional

Editor's pick
Jil piqué bird's-eye suit
Slim fit
Tiger of Sweden
Heather micro check Lamonte suit
Slim fit
Tiger of Sweden
Ash grey Barro suit
Slim fit
Tiger of Sweden

Semi-slim Fit: a hybrid design that works for all business lifestyles

Men's suits from Simons

A correctly fitted suit isn't only a strong look: it's a style essential for the modern gentleman, an expression of acuity—and it can make any man feel ready to take on the world. In fact, a suit can quickly become an indispensable addition to your wardrobe. That's why it pays to pick one that not only conforms to your frame but also encapsulates your personality. From the fit to the fabric, you'll find designs that express your aesthetic and present you in your best possible light with our curated collection of men's suits. 

Style that never stops

The two-piece suit is no longer for formal occasions alone. It's ubiquitous the world over in almost every setting imaginable—the bistro, the bar, the boardroom—which means you need to have a discerning eye when you're shopping for a new suit. We've handpicked our selection to include quality pieces from fashion-forward brands like Bosco, Tiger of Sweden, and Jack Victor. There's also our very own Le 31 label, which is designed with avant-garde principles in mind, empowering you to refine your look, reinvent the suit, and make your style statement truly exceptional.  

Slim, semi-slim, or regular?

In recent years, a trend has emerged: suits are becoming slimmer and more form-fitting. But that doesn't necessarily mean that tighter is better for all body shapes. Regular fit is the classic look, offering a more traditional and comfortable style—especially if you have a larger frame or broad shoulders. In contrast, slim fit suits look especially sleek on men with lean builds, but it's vital to get the measurements right so the material doesn't appear stretched or pulled. Of course, there's also a third option: semi-slim fit suits, which are designed to balance classic elegance with contemporary panache. 


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