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Work Smart

Computer, phone, and tablet screens: our eyes are staring at them all day! Block out blue light with the help of reading glasses specially designed to reduce ocular fatigue.


Round tortoiseshell reading glasses


Sena rectangular reading glasses

Blue light blocking glasses at Simons

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Snug Socks

Soft and fluffy, our winter socks at reduced prices will fill your cozy moments with toasty comfort.

Ribbed cashmere socks for women at Simons

Recycled Tote

Roomy and ultra-versatile, this popular piece is back in an eco-friendly design made of recycled polyester.


Oversized recycled polyester tote

Recyled polyester tote bag at Simons

Mixed Metals

Far from being a fashion faux pas, combining gold and silver is more on-trend than ever. It's a daring detail that's easy to adopt!

Light and Delicate

Dainty butterflies and gleaming pendants make up this captivating collection that's crafted by hand.

Warrior by Naomi jewellery at Simons

Quebec Treasures

The exclusive collaboration between Midi34 and Simons continues with new, highly coveted minimalist jewellery!

Just-For-You Jewellery

Sterling silver

Precious yet affordable, this metal tarnishes more easily than gold. In order to conserve its beauty, avoid all contact with water and put on your jewellery after having applied your makeup and beauty products.

Stainless steel

Completely hypoallergenic, it's a great match for sensitive skin. Being very durable, it doesn't tarnish or rust, requires little care, and can be worn in water as well as while you're working out and exercising.

Solid gold

This precious metal renowned for its excellent quality, prestige, and long-lasting allure is also soft, and therefore more fragile. To care for your pieces of jewellery, scrub them with a small, soft-bristled brush using lukewarm water and a gentle soap that's detergent free.

Sterling silver, stainless steel and solid gold jewellery at Simons
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