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Your Summer Must

The Ankle Bracelet

Start off on the right foot with gorgeous pearls, shiny chains, or colourful strings! The possibilities are endless with the stylish accessory of the season.

All Eyes on Mask

These futuristic frames give a fun little nod to the 2000s and are here to help you create statement-making looks this summer.

Say Hello to a New Local Brand

Colourful scarves, bracelets made of semi-precious stones, and satiny scrunchies: Soha & Co. plays with materials to create its fun, unique, and durable accessories!

Top Socks

This summer, show your true colours from the ground up. How? By pairing flashy socks with your fave pair of sandals!

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Leonard square sunglasses Leonard square sunglasses

Leonard square sunglasses


Polo emblem cap Polo emblem cap
Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo emblem cap


Contrast trim slim fit joggers Contrast trim slim fit joggers

Contrast trim slim fit joggers


Paisley summer shawl
Simons exclusive

Paisley summer shawl


Italian Leather

With a reputation that precedes it, this material is front and centre in our line overflowing with fresh styles and new hues (perfect for those with an affinity for the softness and utterly unique texture of wild leather).

Specializing in sustainable and ethical fashion, this Barcelona brand presents elegant, summery watches that are designed using eco-friendly materials like FSC-certified wood and recycled leather.

Just-For-You Jewellery

No Ordinary Handbag

This season, shapes and textures are teaming up to create a whole new world of possibilities, where the stage has been set for a wide variety of volumes and colours.

Wearable Works of Art

Sometimes colourful, sometimes sleek, always sophisticated! Our jewellers' creations never fail to captivate.

Bellflower pendant Bellflower pendant
Joaillerie Amulette

Bellflower pendant


Olas earrings Olas earrings
Isabelle Kapsaskis

Olas earrings


Faustine bracelet Faustine bracelet
Anne-Marie Chagnon

Faustine bracelet


Tiger's eye Leo earrings Tiger's eye Leo earrings
Michelle Ross

Tiger's eye Leo earrings


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