Witness the true (and flashy) spirit of this Italian label standing out on the pieces from this new collection. Jeremy Scott masterfully mixes boldness, playfulness, attitude, and vibrant colours in a way that stays true to the DNA of Moschino fashion.

Spring-summer 2021 Moschino collection for women and men

The Beauty of Nature

Beneficial for our bodies, precious to the Earth.

In our small jars, let's choose eco-friendly formulas made from natural and organic ingredients. Let's be part of the shift towards glowing skin and a healthy planet!

Exfoliating vegan seaweed block by Haeckels at Simons


Scandinavian Design

Much more than a design trend, Scandinavian style embodies a lifestyle focused on wellness. Trace the origins of this highly coveted Nordic movement and discover our team's favourite collections!

This unisex collection celebrates what this Finnish label is all about: unique and colourful prints! Their emblematic patterns are taking new shapes on the season's top casual streetwear pieces.

A Breeze of New Arrivals

The new season's latest arrivals are making their debut! These unique and distinctive creations are bound to be your new heartthrobs.

New designer pieces and lifestyle products

Édito Vintage

Beauty has no age

In addition to providing you with unique style, picking up a vintage piece is a meaningful, eco-friendly act, minimizing the use of new resources and reducing the pollution linked to production and transportation. Vintage purchases give a second life to pieces that have succeeded at traversing the seasons and always staying trendy.

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