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Buttoned tweed mini-dress Buttoned tweed mini-dress

Buttoned tweed mini-dress

$3,395.00 $2,099.95

Béa corset Béa corset
Vivienne Westwood

Béa corset

$1,445.00 $999.95

Cecilia Birds dress Cecilia Birds dress

Cecilia Birds dress

$2,095.00 $1,299.95

Houndstooth cropped jacket Houndstooth cropped jacket

Houndstooth cropped jacket

$2,350.00 $1,599.95

Sheer lace blazer Sheer lace blazer

Sheer lace blazer

$975.00 $599.95

Medici Gin Chocolate dress Medici Gin Chocolate dress
La DoubleJ

Medici Gin Chocolate dress

$1,665.00 $999.95

Josephine crystal dress Josephine crystal dress
Wales Bonner

Josephine crystal dress

$1,695.00 $1,099.95

Wooly Pleats mock-neck top Wooly Pleats mock-neck top
Issey Miyake

Wooly Pleats mock-neck top

$490.00 $299.95

Hide vegan leather jacket Hide vegan leather jacket

Hide vegan leather jacket

$950.00 $599.95

Logo wool tuque Logo wool tuque

Logo wool tuque

$115.00 $89.95

Two-button wool jacket Two-button wool jacket

Two-button wool jacket

$2,600.00 $1,899.95

Polka dots mohair signature scarf Polka dots mohair signature scarf

Polka dots mohair signature scarf

$495.00 $299.95

Point-collar padded coat Point-collar padded coat
MM6 Maison Margiela

Point-collar padded coat

$1,975.00 $1,199.95

Alpaca checkered scarf Alpaca checkered scarf

Alpaca checkered scarf

$445.00 $349.95

Warm tones knit sweater Warm tones knit sweater
PS Paul Smith

Warm tones knit sweater

$525.00 $349.95

Bouclé accents velvety coat Bouclé accents velvety coat
Moschino Jeans

Bouclé accents velvety coat

$895.00 $599.95

1DR logo small bag 1DR logo small bag

1DR logo small bag

$450.00 $299.95

Logo wool scarf Logo wool scarf

Logo wool scarf

$185.00 $139.95

Voulez-Vous small wallet Voulez-Vous small wallet

Voulez-Vous small wallet

$425.00 $299.95

Dream necklace Dream necklace
Wales Bonner

Dream necklace

$850.00 $499.95

Fussbett two-tone crossed strap sandals Women Fussbett two-tone crossed strap sandals Women

Fussbett two-tone crossed strap sandals

$1,095.00 $699.95

Concerto belt Concerto belt

Concerto belt

$795.00 $499.95

Buttoned crossover mini-dress Buttoned crossover mini-dress

Buttoned crossover mini-dress

$3,095.00 $1,999.95

Wallpaper Rose denim skirt Wallpaper Rose denim skirt

Wallpaper Rose denim skirt

$895.00 $599.95

Worn effect knit sweater Worn effect knit sweater
MM6 Maison Margiela

Worn effect knit sweater

$825.00 $499.95

Sorbonne 56 athletic jacket Sorbonne 56 athletic jacket
Wales Bonner

Sorbonne 56 athletic jacket

$1,775.00 $1,099.95

Heart buttons cargo pant Heart buttons cargo pant

Heart buttons cargo pant

$1,035.00 $699.95

D-Angiel mini-dress D-Angiel mini-dress

D-Angiel mini-dress

$250.00 $179.95

Signature jacquard sweater vest Signature jacquard sweater vest

Signature jacquard sweater vest

$325.00 $229.95

Reverse seams sweater Reverse seams sweater
Maison Margiela

Reverse seams sweater

$1,025.00 $699.95

Virgin wool pant Virgin wool pant

Virgin wool pant

$925.00 $599.95

Satoyo peacoat Satoyo peacoat

Satoyo peacoat

$1,395.00 $799.95

Virgin wool flared pant Virgin wool flared pant

Virgin wool flared pant

$885.00 $499.95

Blue wool coat Blue wool coat
PS Paul Smith

Blue wool coat

$1,025.00 $699.95

Vision Fitted lined jacket Fitted lined jacket

Fitted lined jacket

$550.00 $399.95

100% virgin wool flared pant 100% virgin wool flared pant

100% virgin wool flared pant

$850.00 $599.95

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As the days grow shorter, we yearn for statement-making styles and looks that catch the light. Rhinestones and shimmering fabrics shine, reflecting our joy as we move to the music on the dance floor and celebrate being surrounded by loved ones once again.

Sparkling micromesh mini shirtdress by Self-Portrait for women at Édito Simons
Chouchou dress by Jacquemus for women at Édito Simons
Tie-back lace dress by Erdem for women at Édito Simons
Jacquard flowers mini-dress by Ganni pour femme chez Édito Simons

Delight in discovering this edit of pieces by leading designers, carefully chosen to make your special occasions all the more spectacular.

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