New Fit

The Flared Leg

Easy on the eyes
Easy to wear
Easily the prettiest style at every angle

Flared jean at Twik
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Retro Glam

A fresh fashion era has begun. High-wattage hues mix with sartorial throwbacks to '70s disco for a chic and energizing wardrobe everyone will dig.

Icône exclusive

Knot-front eco-friendly modal dress

Knot-front eco-friendly modal dress by Icône
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Logo Contemporaine

Multi-Pocket Recycled Polyester Puffer Jacket

Save 35%
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Love Is in the Air

Everywhere we look around, lingerie and loungewear appear in lust-worthy shades, sheer fabrics, and decorated with lacy details.

Miiyu exclusive

Ruby Orion full-coverage bra

Ruby Orion full-coverage bra for women by Miiyu at Simons

Your Number Ones Are Now On

Recycled polyester mid-length parka Recycled polyester mid-length parka
Twik exclusive

Recycled polyester mid-length parka

$199.00 $139.95

Chevron fuzzy sweater vest Chevron fuzzy sweater vest
Twik exclusive

Chevron fuzzy sweater vest

$50.00 $29.95

Vision Loose corduroy overalls Loose corduroy overalls
Twik exclusive

Loose corduroy overalls

$59.00 $39.95

Felted wool blazer Felted wool blazer
Contemporaine exclusive

Felted wool blazer

$195.00 $59.95

Fine wool buttoned skirt Fine wool buttoned skirt
Contemporaine exclusive

Fine wool buttoned skirt

$69.00 $19.99

Embroidered character denim blouse Embroidered character denim blouse
Icône x Francesca Robustelli exclusive

Embroidered character denim blouse

$59.00 $39.95

Plush knit cami Plush knit cami
Icône exclusive

Plush knit cami

$30.00 $9.99

Ultra-plush robe Ultra-plush robe
Miiyu x Twik exclusive

Ultra-plush robe

$59.00 $39.95

Totally Twik

These essentials have got gumption! From their colours to their fits and details, everything about them makes them utterly must-have. So much so that not having all of them would be inconceivable!

Twik Tank Top

Dream of Spring

Mini flowers, delicate pastels, and light knits from head to toe.

twik logo
Flowers dress at Twik


Kickin' It Old Skool

Vans has taken its tried-and-true Old Skool sneaker and updated it by adding a thick, chunky, notched sole.

Sentry Old Skool WC sneakers for women by Vans at Simons

Your Number Ones

Twisted knit sweater Twisted knit sweater
Twik exclusive

Twisted knit sweater


Vision Organic cotton ultra-wide jean R&B fit Organic cotton ultra-wide jean R&B fit
Twik exclusive

Organic cotton ultra-wide jean
R&B fit


Vision Loose eco-friendly denim overalls Loose eco-friendly denim overalls
Twik exclusive

Loose eco-friendly denim overalls


Vision Boxy cuffed-sleeve t-shirt Boxy cuffed-sleeve t-shirt

Boxy cuffed-sleeve t-shirt


Oversized herringbone blazer Oversized herringbone blazer

Oversized herringbone blazer


Vision Sewn pleats voile blouse Sewn pleats voile blouse
Icône exclusive

Sewn pleats voile blouse


Vision Ribbed jersey halter dress Ribbed jersey halter dress
Icône exclusive

Ribbed jersey halter dress


Vision Tortoiseshell button ribbed T-shirt Tortoiseshell button ribbed T-shirt
Icône exclusive

Tortoiseshell button ribbed T-shirt


Vision Floral jersey polo Floral jersey polo
Contemporaine exclusive

Floral jersey polo


Stretch slim straight jean Stretch slim straight jean
Contemporaine exclusive

Stretch slim straight jean


Vision Fine knit buttoned-collar sweater Fine knit buttoned-collar sweater
Contemporaine exclusive

Fine knit buttoned-collar sweater


Pure linen slit-collar dress Pure linen slit-collar dress
Contemporaine exclusive

Pure linen slit-collar dress


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Our Unique Zones

Logo Vision

A green space that highlights our sustainable actions and initiatives and shines a light on what has built our identity: style, accessibility, and service.

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Far Out!

Kaleidoscopic colours melt together, creating psychedelic patterns that are totally on trend.

Psychedelic-print mesh T-shirt at Icône

It Takes Two

Dressed up or down, these pieces will make your looks magic from head to toe.

Satiny tie-waist midi skirt by Icône


The Baguette Bag

Made of genuine suede and featuring a flawless silhouette, this bag's good enough to eat.

Supple suede baguette bag by Simons
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Wrap Panel Dress

We love how simple and elegant this little black dress is, featured here in our photo shoot paying tribute to the iconic beauty of Cindy Crawford.

Black wrap panel dress by Contemporaine at Simons
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Structured Suit

This crest-button suit features a stretch weave in an organic cotton blend that highlights the silhouette in all the right places.

Beige structured suit for women by Contemporaine at Simons


Our exclusive thermal base layers are now composed of 80% merino wool, a warm and breathable natural fibre you'll love to wear while adventuring outdoors.

I.FIV5 exclusive


I.FIV5 exclusive


Merino underwear for women at Simons
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