Heritage Jacquards

From Nordic prints to geometric patterns, our knits are best worn alongside rich materials like wool, denim, and corduroy.


Loose Nordic jacquard sweater

Nordic jacquard sweater for women by Contemporaine at Simons
Nordic jacquard sweater for women by Contemporaine at Simons

Old-School Geometry

Dress like they did back in the day with '70s-inspired florals, chevron stripes, and colourful plaids...


Retro geo tie-neck dress


Retro stripe sweater

Save 35%
The Old-School Geometry trend with 70's inspired patterns at Simons
The turtle neck with retro geometric stripes inspired by the 70's par Twik
The geometric angular patterned dress with a Lavalliere collar by Twik

Need-Now Numbers

Rich shades and cozy materials are heating things up in the fall wardrobe.


Chunky waffle sweater

Chunky waffle sweater

To put on pronto this season: Textured knits, masculine-inspired pieces, oversized styles and heritage jacquards.

Women's pastel blue wool coat made in Italy for Simons
Women's pastel blue wool coat made in Italy for Simons

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Adventure Awaits

Explore fall's favourite hues and todays cutting-edge technologies with the very latest coats by The North Face.

Canadian designer Hayley Elsaesser tells us a story of her childhood in the '90s with an exclusive collection that's bright and bold.

The 8-ball cowboy skirt and the sweet hues block mock neck by Hayley Elsaesser for Twik
The sweet pastels mock neck and the 8-ball apron dress by Hayley Elsaesser for Twik

There's no way around it: temperatures are dropping, so get ready!

Loungewear Essentials

Cherish every moment of your well-deserved downtime with the help of our incredibly cozy pieces.

Pure cashmere pant for women by Miiyu at Simons
Pure cashmere sweater for women by Miiyu at Simons

Precious Materials

Delicate velvet, stunning satin, sparkling sequins...

Mirror silver sequin dress

Fearless Fashion

Be the first to wear these avant-garde designs that were made for making a scene.

Neutral check silky dress

Assorted Accessories

Create the perfect ensemble with our warm, soft, and coordinated pieces.

Women's Scarf & Mittens at Simons
Women's Assorted Winter Accessories at Simons

For Him & Her

Do you often resist the urge to borrow your beau's products? Say no more! These items were made for you and him.

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