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Editor's pick
Daypack packable backpack Can$45.00
Editor's pick
Kanken backpack Can$100.00
Editor's pick
Editor's pick
Waterproof backpack Can$120.00
Marta backpack Can$250.00
Urban shoulder bag Can$95.00
Harvest Label
Editor's pick
2.0 rolled backpack Can$120.00
Harvest Label
Toga bomber jacket backpack Can$450.00
Marianna Ladreyt
Dorado compact convertible backpack Can$450.00
WANT Les Essentiels
Kastrup 2.0 nylon backpack Can$575.00
WANT Les Essentiels
Arc backpack Can$680.00

Backpacks from Simons

Backpacks may have a reputation for being the bag of choice for students everywhere, but with fashionable options available from high-end brands, a backpack can also be the perfect accessory for everyday life. Browse through Simons' selection of quality knapsacks and you'll find the perfect style for a day trip to the city, a weekend camping trip, a casual date night, and more. Available in a range of sizes, shapes, styles, and fabrics, a backpack can serve as an unexpected addition to your outfit or be the go-to travel bag you reach for when you're packing light.  

Multi-functional and stylish

When it comes to choosing a bag that is useful and stylish, is there anything more versatile than the backpack? With the option to carry all your belongings and still have your hands free, a quality backpack can be a trendy replacement for your usual handbag. Go the minimalist route with a leather 2-in-1 backpack or a mini velvet style that you won't even have to take off on public transit. Or if you're packing for a flight, the multiple pockets to store everything you need—from your passport to enough snacks to get you through an unexpected delay—make a backpack the perfect solution to your carry-on dilemma.   

Quality brands you love

From trendy Herschel and Vans backpacks that come in a range of colours and prints to classic sporty models from adidas and Reebok, Simons has the perfect backpack to suit your personal style. Choose Matt & Nat for a vegan alternative to a sleek leather style, or opt for a little flash with Simons' own metallic leather and faux-leather options. You don't have to stop at just one either—with so many styles to choose from, there's no reason you can't have a backpack for every type of occasion.  

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