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Sharp Simon bracelet Can$105.00
Vicious Vik bracelet Can$95.00
Salty Steve bracelet Can$105.00
Icy Ike mustard bracelet Can$105.00
Icy Ike black bracelet Can$105.00
Navarch bracelet Can$135.00
Logo plate bracelet Can$168.00
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Nautical bracelet Can$12.00
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Men's bracelets designed for all attires

Whether you're travelling, hanging with friends, or simply working hard at the office, you're always making a style statement. And what better way to accentuate that cool, sophisticated vibe than with a handsome bracelet? Simons' curated collection of men's bracelets spans the spectrum from understated simplicity to eye-catchingly ornate designs. Complement your ensembles with beaded, braided, or one-piece bracelets that are as on-trend as they are comfortable to wear. Worn with formal or casual wear, these accent pieces can add an extra dimension to your style—and an exclamation point on your expression of creativity.  

Small piece, big statement

A bracelet may be an accent piece rather than the centerpiece of your style, but it can still speak volumes about you. In fact, despite its small and sometimes subtle appearance, a well-chosen bracelet can be a strong statement about your taste and acuity. You've made a bold, affirmative choice to add a fashion-forward detail to your look—and you still have the option to tone it down by wearing long sleeves or pairing it with a watch. Browse our selection of signature designs from top brands like Vitaly, Ted Baker, and Paul Smith as you pick out the piece that speaks to your style.  

Finding the perfect piece for the modern man

There are so many stylish pieces to choose from, but what should you consider before purchasing the ideal bracelet? A solid starting point is matching your accessory to the formality of your attire. The material, design, and fit of the bracelet are good indications of this. For example, metallic clasp bracelets with discreet designs are ideal for business attire, such as suits and blazers. In contrast, bracelets with intricate designs, embellished charms, or mismatched wooden beads pair well with equally informal ensembles. Think muscle T-shirts, exotic print polos, retro sweatshirts, or graffiti hoodies. 

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