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Meet Samantha, a singer, writer, and dancer

24 Dec 2020

2020 has been a difficult year, but as the saying goes: every cloud has a silver lining! Many have treated this year as a chance to rediscover themselves and an opportunity
to underline what’s important in life.

“Starting the day with a bit of writing and meditation helps in terms of starting my routine. It’s important to stay connected to myself before the day starts rolling,” says Samantha Hinds, a Montreal singer, writer, and dancer who also goes by her stage name, Sam I Am Montolla. “Writing every day helps put our thoughts and ideas in front of us, to keep them from getting lost in the shuffle. It helps me see I’m headed in the right direction.”

While staying connected to herself is important, she finds equal value in connecting with others as well. “The holidays are all about family. They’re about taking the time out of our busy schedules, sitting down, and being with the people we love.”

With virtual gatherings and video calls gearing up to be the holidays' go-to way of spending time with those outside your social bubble, the expression “connecting with family” has never held a more literal meaning.

Samantha lets us know that she’s grown a lot this year. “I’ve learned to be more patient, and to create for myself. Being creative is very freeing, and it’s now becoming more a thing where I can just enjoy what I do in the space that I have and being able to play with that.”

When asked about her journey to get where she is today, the singer shares a powerful message. “I’ve always been curious about trying new things. Anything to do with art and music was something I felt connected to. If you want to try something, you just try it! You never know if you’re going to love it. Music is a powerful tool. It’s not just used to sound nice, it’s used to move people! I think the voice is very strong and empowering. For a long time, when I was younger, I was scared of my own voice and scared to express myself. I’ve now embraced it and use that as my art form.”

“When I was first starting, I was like: what am I going to talk about? How do I be authentic to myself? You have to allow that journey to come forth. As artists, we have to let ourselves go through that process. In the beginning, it was definitely scary.”

Luckily for Samantha, she’s always had people to turn to. “My mother is my support system 101. It helps when you have someone in your corner who you can count on when you go through life. I also had a godmother. When my mom was at work, I used to go over and spend a lot of time with her. She helped me through growing up and understanding the world, and was a strong, independent woman who always told me to speak for myself, trust myself, and not let anyone put me down!"

When asked what her hopes were for the future, the singer gives it to us straight. “I want to continue doing what I’m doing. Create music with great quality that comes from a place of sincerity and honesty. To connect to other people. We’re at a time when we have to appreciate the things that are important to us: family, bonding connection. Whatever we do, do it well and do it with joy, because that’s what lasts! What’s the point in doing something you don’t believe in?”