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The hives on our roofs

4 Apr 2018

In the interest of preserving our ecosystem, protecting the species that live there, and improving how we tackle different problems that arise, Simons once again decided to involve itself in an environmental cause: combatting the decline in the honeybee population.

The phenomenon is alarming because bees play a major role in fruit, vegetable, and nut production. In fact, about a third of what we eat relies on their pollination!

To take quick action in countering their decline, we will be placing hives on the roofs of our Old Quebec, Carrefour Laval, and Square One stores at the start of the summer season. We’ll be working in collaboration with Alvéole, a Canadian company that promotes beekeeping in urban environments. Their mission is threefold: to increase the local production of honey, to improve pollination in cities, and to make urban dwellers aware of the importance of bees in the ecosystem.

During the adoption procedure for the hives, Alvéole taught us a lot about honeybees. These famously industrious creatures are hiding many secrets that we would like to share with you:

Credits :

Our designers in Old Quebec created a unique collection using prints and colours that echo the world of the honeybee.

We invite you to help support our hives by picking up one of these pieces.

Let’s protect the bees together


The tags for our exclusive collection contain seeds for flowers that produce nectar and pollen, the honeybee’s sources of nutrition. The bees need them to keep their hive healthy.  By planting these tags, you’ll also be helping to grow a significant number of fruits and vegetables that you eat! 

Buzz buzz:
Stay tuned! Our honey will be available in our stores this fall!

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