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Haute Humour: Our Sit-Down with Sew Sketchy

28 Mar 2017

She’s a fabulous New York fashionista with a sassy attitude, a soft spot for kale, and an obsession with everything hanging in Anna Dello Russo’s closet. Never was there a caricature with “sew” much character as Sew Sketchy, the illustrious illustration that fashion fans just can’t get enough of.  

Simons was lucky enough to sit down with this clever caricature to ask her some questions about herself and what it was like standing side by side supermodel Toni Garrn during Simons' recent designer photo shoot. 

Hello Sew! Thank you for taking the time to meet with Simons.
First off, let's introduce you to everyone. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you're from?

Thank you for having me. I love you guys!
I am a New York fashionista with a really sassy attitude and I blame my mother for my expensive taste in luxury.  I have a routine every morning where, once I wake up, I greet my jewellery box and my wardrobe as if they were my children. People say I'm a bit high maintenance, but I don't see it that way.

I have a complete and undying love for anything related to fashion, and I'm pretty sure the first book I ever read was a September issue of Vogue. I knew I was going to be in the fashion industry since the age of nine, when the New York Times interviewed me about my bold sense of style and love of Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, and Posh Spice. I mean, it was the nineties after all. 

- How did you like modelling with Toni Garrn?

Oh my god!
First of all, her hair smelled like strawberries, so that was a plus.
Second, it was an honour to be side by side with such a glamazon as herself.
I think we could totally be fashion besties and that we had great chemistry on the shoot! It was so fun working together
and I hope we can do it again! 

- We can't help but notice
your cool and colourful clothing.
How would you define your style?

I'd like to consider my style to be a “head-turner.”
I mean, Harry Winston once told me
that if people are going to stare,
make it worth their while.


- We're curious about your sunglasses.
Why do you always wear them?

My sunglasses are my staple accessory because ultimately, anyone who’s anyone in the fashion industry always has them on. Think Anna Wintour. I used to intern at Vogue when I was a fashion toddler and she always had her sunnies on. In a way, they’re my armour. I’m not who I am without them.

- Who are your style icons?

My style icons are Anna Dello Russo circa 2014 (she was really into extravagant outfits and hats at the time), Giovanna Battaglia during her wedding weekend, and Chiara Ferragni in her everyday look. Those three also happen to be Italian, which makes sense since my guru told me I was Sophia Lauren’s stylist in my past life. 

- We know this might be a hard question to answer,
but do you have an all-time favourite designer?

I don't.
That's like picking a favourite child,
which my mother says is completely impossible
(but I know I'm the Kim Kardashian to her Kris Jenner).

- What’s the best style advice you’ve ever gotten?

Iris Apfel once told me that, “More is more and less is a bore.”
My granny always says that there is no such a thing as a diamond being too big,
and my mother always told me that everything goes with leopard.


- We've been reading your travel diaries and noticed that you are
quite the globetrotter. Got any favourite destinations and why?

France should have been my middle name because it is literally the most beautiful country with such a variety of places to go and things to do. My favourite spot is obviously St-Tropez for tanning, drinking rosé, and being surrounded by the most fashion-forward people who can pull off cowboy boots even at the beach. I’m also really into the colour of the water there. It’s a sapphire blue that just feels really expensive.

Plus, Paris is always great, the Tour Eiffel and the smell of bakeries never gets old. And then there is Courchevel, my ultimate ski destination, where I go every year to unwind and après-ski.


- Can you tell us somethingabout your personality
that we’d never expect?

French is my first language
and I speak it fluently.

- What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Even thinking about them makes me cringe.
I’m convinced the fashion devil lives inside them.


- Which quote best defines you?

“Happiness is not a destination.
It’s a way of life,” and
“Be the chic you want to see in the world.”


- Where do you see yourself
10 years from now?

I see myself having my own fashion line,
a couple of published books, a puppy,
and a gigantic yacht in the South of France.


- Any final words of wisdom
you’d like to share with our audience?

Yes, just remember,
you can’t make everyone happy.
You are not a Chanel bag.

You’re right, Sew,
you can’t make everyone happy,
but you definitely made our day!