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Big Heart, Big Art — Why We Love Maya Gohill

24 Mar 2017

And it’s truly impossible not to ask.
While she painted, curiosity prompted
everyone from merchandisers to construction
workers to pepper Maya with questions.

Those who have had the pleasure of perusing the chic racks of a Simons know that sculptures by local artists often enrich the experience. For Maya, store designer Angela Stinson made an exception to her three-dimensional rule as she saw a match for the Simons ethos in the painter’s spirit, sense of style and Canadian roots.

The part the viewer never sees is the challenge presented by the sheer scale. “I was taken out of my comfort zone at times: how much paint to mix, how long to pull the stroke along the wall.” But whether it’s through motherhood or meditation, or just the joyful spirit that shines in everything she does, Maya doesn’t carry that struggle with her. “There are moments when I accomplish a part of my painting and then I marvel at how it all happened,” she says.

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