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The creations gathered together here have the ability to captivate, evoke emotions, and elevate our everyday with beauty and ingenuity. Discover our selection of luxury items from here and there that have been specially selected with care.

High-end collection products at Simons

First-Class Gift Ideas

Give joy, adventure, and luxury with sophisticated creations from Canadian and international labels.

Inspiring Interiors

Beautiful books to display, scented candles with a golden glow, and tableware that delights the eye...

High-end homeware at Simons

Beauty and Well-Being

Because we believe both of these go hand in hand, we've grouped together products that have a multitude of benefits for the body and mind.

Distinctive skin care and beauty products at Simons

Feast your eyes on the loveliest ceramic table decorations and fill your living room with bright, heartwarming textiles.

It's time to deck your halls with the original patterns and dazzling colours of this Finnish label!

A selection of decorative designs by Marimekko at Simons
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