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The creations gathered together here have the ability to captivate, evoke emotions, and elevate our everyday with beauty and ingenuity. Discover our selection of luxury items from here and there that have been specially selected with care.

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An unconventional showcase for contemporary art, Lifestyle is proud to partner with the Blouin Division Gallery to offer unique and extraordinary artwork created by Canadian artists.

Does the name Caroline Monnet ring a bell? You may have come across her work here, last spring, when she took part in our exclusive IFWTO x Édito clothing capsule, created in collaboration with Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto. The artist also stood out in 2020 for receiving the coveted Prix Pierre-Ayot.

It's with great pleasure that we reconnect with her metaphorical art! Offered in limited editions, her silkscreen prints bear witness to the distances travelled by Indigenous communities over the centuries.

Silkscreen prints by Caroline Monnet at Simons
Blouin Division gallery at Simons

Rock, Paper, Pens!

Innovative and waterproof notebooks made of recycled stone, quality pens that are tried, true, and chock full of tradition. Together, they'll help you put things down on paper!

High-end writing accessories at Simons

Gemini True Wireless Earbuds

This new generation of earbuds is the result of 15 years of research, development, and engineering focused on fusing acoustic and aesthetic excellence. There's no need to compromise in order to make your listening experience as intimate as it is immersive.

Devialet Gemini True Wireless earbuds at Simons
Reixue vintage furniture and objects collection at Simons

This Montreal company created in 2016 offers a cutting-edge selection of vintage furniture and design objects dating from past decades. These various, sought-after items stand out for their materials, aesthetics, and ingenuity. Reixue also launched its own collection this year. Produced locally, these new pieces are based on those found in their precious archive.

Giving to Others

When craftsmanship and philanthropy meet, the result is unique, authentic, and imbued with humanity and generosity.

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