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The virtual gift card. Celebrate, no matter how far away you are! Regardless of the time, place, or reason, Simons' virtual gift cards are mini messengers that travel instantly over any distance and through time zones to let your loved ones know you're thinking of them. Make all of life's events special by showing your family, friends, colleagues, and employees how much they mean to you.
Classic. Give your loved ones carte blanche when it comes to style! Make all of life's moments special... Celebrate, congratulate, offer encouragement, or simply say, “I love you and am thinking about you.” with a Simons virtual gift card that lets you give them exactly what they want. At Simons, everyone finds styles to suit their taste and gifts that are sure to please, whether they're for themselves or for the home.
Creative. For those who value the act of creating through the act of giving and sharing, for whom the rich talent of artisans is a joy to be celebrated, for those special souls who always appreciate a unique gift that's both beautiful and authentic.
Spontaneous. Give a thoughtful card to the ones you love! Any occasion is the right one to show someone special just how much they mean to you. Let them carefully choose what they want most, whether it's a designer piece, an exclusive accessory, new shoes, or an imported rug! At Simons, there's a little something for everyone and we know they'll appreciate this generous gift from the bottom of their hearts.
Heartfelt. Give a heartfelt card to the ones you love! Out of sight need not mean out of mind. You can always stay connected with the ones you love at Simons! Celebrate any event in just a few seconds—a precious moment, a memory, a bit of good news, a kind or encouraging gesture. Our virtual gift cards deliver your heartfelt message to those who mean the most to you in the blink of an eye!
Celebratory. Give a unique card to the ones you love! Happy Birthday! Give a surprise that'll have them jumping out of bed! What a joy to open your email and find a gift that gives you carte blanche to let your imagination and wishes run wild, as well as the delight of discovering irresistible Simons fashion finds for you and your home!
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