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2019 Summer Clothes for Women

22 Jan 2019

Here we go… The sun is finally out! The temperature is slowly but surely climbing and your catching closet-makeover fever. You want to totally redo your wardrobe! Maybe you’re going on a getaway soon? Whatever the reason, don’t worry: with a few key pieces that are top trends for summer, you’ll be all set to shine. From summer vacation outfits in holiday-ready hues to perfect summer work clothes, Simons introduces the season’s essentials that’ll get you started.

Summer Dresses… Because We Can't Live Without Them!

They're iconic. Loved today for their lightweight fabrics, femininity, and versatility, frocks have been the #1 clothing item for women for centuries. Yet, they've always been able to stay relevant by adapting to our wants and needs.

Short and casual,
with or without sleeves, they're what we want to wear on hot days. Vacation dresses come in cool colours and florals so that we can walk on the sidewalk and on the beach in style, all while being completely comfortable. These are the elements that make the perfect summer dresses for vacation! 

Midi lengths
transition easily from office hours to after-hours, which makes them a great choice for cocktails on the patio, dressy dinners, and evenings out while on holiday. For those who will be at their desk during the warmer weather, midi dresses are also a stylish staple for summer work clothes. They create a bit of sunshine at the office while still staying professional and elegant. 

Maxi dresses,
on the other hand, are always up for a dance. Coming in airy fabrics and prints, they give us a boho-chic look, especially if we add accessories like a wide-brimmed hat and sandals. In more refined fabrics and meticulous cuts, they’re the perfect dress for special summer events. 

During the day or at night, in bright colours or in chic black (hello, LBD!), you can’t go wrong with a dress. Whether it’s casual or chic, a mini or a maxi, solid, printed, or features a fun floral, a dress is something we absolutely adore!

Skirts, Shorts, Rompers… Show Off Your Lovely Legs!

The word on everyone’s lips for summer style is “lightweight.” And since we want to make things simple when we’re on vacation, we look for comfortable clothing that’s breathable and easy to take care of, but that will still elevate our look. These pieces become summer essentials because of their versatility. 

Short or long, in colourful prints, pleated, falling straight, or flared, skirts are utterly feminine. Considered by some to be a little sister to the dress, we love this piece when it comes as a skort (or even as a romper). It’s a comfortable option that you can wear anywhere and that will help you stand out!

Shorts have got to be one of your go-tos for the summer season. They scream “vacation!” Like all women’s summer clothes, airy fabrics are what you want to look for if you’re going to be out in the sun. While it requires a bit more care than cotton, linen is a favourite fabric that makes a comeback year after year. Still, leave a little space in your drawers for denim, which is also very popular for its versatility!

Finally, Bermudas deserve a special shoutout. Along with pencil skirts, they can be worn with a suit and work wonderfully as officewear due to their longer length and structured cut.

In finishing off your casual-chic looks for warm weather, don't hesitate to pair these pieces with a summery top like a fluid cami, a knotted top, or a tube top. For a style that's a sure bet, focus on another summer essential: the white T-shirt! Seen as the little black dress' alter ego, it can be accessorized in a million and one different ways and pairs well with almost any bottom, which brightens up every ensemble. That's exactly what we're looking for in a summer outfit, right?

Sandals and Summer Go Together!

You can't have one without the other! Like our other summer fashion essentials, sandals are suitable for every occasion. You just need to know what you need and the look you want to create. Your choice will change depending on whether you'll be taking a walk on the beach or sauntering along city streets!

We bet you're already familiar with flip-flops, a top favourite for ocean excursions… and any other type of trip as well! They symbolize summer and are a major must to work into your wardrobe.

Flat gladiator-style sandals that attach around the ankle have been everywhere these past few years. They're perfect for weekend getaways and walking around town while eating an ice cream cone! What's more, they beautifully complement casual boho-style maxi dresses, short skirts, and colourful shorts in summer shades. But don't get us wrong, flat sandals can also be ultra elegant!  

For a dressy style that still stays summery, sandals with block heels, platforms, or open toes also have the advantage of being both feminine and comfortable. They're a huge asset for those who can show their toes at work and those who prefer to save their stiletto heels for special occasions!

For summer, buy the sandals you've always dreamed of. Then, all you need to do is treat yourself to a great pedicure and start showing off your fabulous feet!  

Hang On To Your Hat!

Accessories are far from being just… accessories. In addition to adding a touch of style to your outfits, they protect your delicate skin and eyes from the sun. 

People have been wearing hats for ages. Used as tools for work, as political symbols, and as artistic expressions, they’ve always had a highly aesthetic aspect to them. Think of some famous celebrities who have worn headgear as part of their signature look: Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill, and women of the British royal crown. Summer hats for women are an essential! In fact, everyone should own a hat that works with their wardrobe. If you’re headed to the beach, choose one with a wide brim, like a boater hat, a cloche, a bucket hat, a Panama hat… really, the choices are endless! You just need to know which one will suit you best! And yes, a cap, a scarf and a headband also count!

For total protection, but especially because we can’t resist looking like Hollywood A-listers, sunglasses are a must! As with hats, there are as many styles as there are personalities and face shapes (i.e. an infinite number!). Follow our tips in order to pick out the perfect pair for you. Then, all you need to do is show off your look. Get inspired by stars who became iconic for the sunglasses they wore, like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Gigi Hadid!  

You’re now dressed from head to toe. From the office to the ocean, you’ll be ready to shine at every occasion that comes up this season. Got a beach getaway planned? See our tips to add one or two swimsuits to your list and dive straight into summer!

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