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Unisex Edition: A collection that redefines convention

19 Sep 2016

From a whisper to a roar, a unisex movement has been sweeping through the global fashion scene. We’re welcoming it to our doors with the premiere of Unisex Edition for the 2016/2017 fall/winter season. 


Peter Simons put a great deal of thought
into this new trend to determine how to
present and showcase it without ruffling any
feathers or, most importantly, passing judgment:

And so, taking a cue from major designers
and from clients looking to round out their
wardrobes with pieces made for the opposite sex,
we are introducing a new collection that underscores
our openness to all emerging trends. It will
include leading designs by Canadian designers
Rad Hourani and Vejas Kruszewski, as well as
various items from our Le 31, Djab,
Icône, Twik and Contemporaine lines.


Every new trend begins with a handful of pioneers, and it is important to draw inspiration from their example. The significance of this latest phenomenon was recognized by a number of fashion industry giants. During its most recent campaign, Louis Vuitton placed Jaden Smith front and center in a skirt. At this year's Milan Fashion Week, classic, prestigious label such as Gucci presented men in lace dress shirts alongside women donning loose-fitting suits, tie-neck blouses and sheer fabrics.

Other designers have definitively incorporated this non-genre into their very DNA—names like J.W.Anderson, Public School, Yeezy and, notably, Hood by Air, a true leader in this movement. Founded by Shayne Oliver, the New York label inspires fascination and confusion with each collection thanks to an utter lack of gender distinctions in its designs—an absence embodied by Boychild, Oliver's favourite model.

Moreover, Rad Hourani, the first unisex designer ever to be invited to join the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne [Trade association of Parisian high fashion], and Vejas Kruszewski, the 19-year-old Canadian who took home the special prize at the 2016 LVMH competition, have garnered the full attention of the international market and, through mere pencil strokes, taken over the global scene with their innovative designs and exceptional mastery of unisex style. Little wonder that our purchasing team seized this opportunity to acquire a few of their pieces.

You’re set at last to discover our selection, now available online and in some of our stores.