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Eastern Elegance: Poetic Style Inspired by Japan

26 Jan 2018

Beneath the cherry blossoms
A woman daydreams

This simple haiku beautifully summarizes today’s chicest trend.

The haiku—a short Japanese poem composed of three structured lines—is a streamlined thought, an image that references the season, a tribute to nature. This pithy poetic form embodies the very essence of our new collection: Eastern elegance.

The Land of the Rising Sun introduces us to ultimate elegance this season in a trend that's full of dualities.

First, there is the contrast between the classic and the new, just like in this magnificent Asian country where tradition and modernity walk hand in hand. Clean-cut lines and contemporary codes reinvent timeless pieces, while authentic styles taken from Japanese culture are given new life with the help of modern design. The kimono—with its wrap front and wide sleeves—becomes a prominent piece, and we also find echoes of the obi, a sash that's tied around the waist in traditional Japanese dress and certain uniforms for martial arts.  

Then, there is the dichotomy between rigidity and fluidity, inspired by the search for Zen through a structured aesthetic. With its various cuts, colours, motifs, and details, the collection creates countless looks that exude both confidence and femininity. 

The beauty of springtime in Japan elegantly colours this trend. A romantic palette inspired by gardens in full bloom offers us pale pink and rich burgundy, to which black, pale grey, and white bring their timeless, chic touch.

 All these shades combine in motifs that will mesmerize the fashion world this season: irresistible cherry blossoms and majestic Japanese cranes. 

Once again, Simons’ designers have thought of everything to unleash every woman’s inner style maven and make creating multiple outfits as easy as can be. With colours and patterns that work together wonderfully, these pieces are made to be mixed and matched. 

What’s more, the collection’s basics come in our extremely popular techno crepe, which was a huge hit in our last line. This fluid fabric is thicker than regular crepe, giving it a slightly heavier weight and an impeccable drape, while still being comfortable enough to be worn year round. And, since it’s fairly wrinkle resistant, it’s a perfect pick for travelling.

Now it’s your turn to take off and discover Japanese elegance…


Joan Smalls

Bringing our collection to life in front of the camera is Puerto Rican top model Joan Smalls, whose portfolio is brimming with the biggest names in fashion. She’s been the face of many major ad campaigns, most notably for Chanel. She has also walked the runway for Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, and Victoria’s Secret among others.

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