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Workout Clothes for Women: 2019 Trends

23 May 2019

Fashion and fitness have never been so intertwined as they are today. Activewear, in addition to being ultra trendy, is also proving to be practical and comfortable. We can even wear it outside of the gym!

While it’s crucial to be comfortable in our activewear, who said we couldn’t look chic while wearing it? To stay in top shape and stay on top of your fashion game, get inspired by these four trending sports styles.

Sports Bras and Sporty Leggings

This extremely versatile pairing is without a doubt the most popular look amongst athletes and celebrities. Much more than just an undergarment, we're now wearing the sports bra as a top. Combine it with high-rise leggings and you'll get a dynamic outfit that's perfect for hitting the gym.

Botanical Prints

This season, floral patterns and nature-inspired camo prints are absolutely everywhere. Time to break a sweat in a coordinating set!

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Pastel Colors

Velvety palettes continue to catch our eye this season. If you love putting on pale hues, opt for an ensemble that puts the most delicate shades of rosewood on display. 

Hot Hues

Bright sports bras and leggings will give you all the energy you need for your high-intensity workouts. 

Tie Tops and Bike Shorts

As a tank top or a T-shirt, tie tops are very hot this season. Since they're versatile, you can wear them for a full cardio workout or for a shopping spree. If you want to sport the athleisure look every day, the tie top is a major must for your wardrobe.

The trendiest way to wear it is with bike shorts, a standout on the style scene this season!

Layer jogging pants or yoga pants over your bike shorts in order to keep your muscles warm before beginning your workout.  

Loco for Logos

No need to look at the tag to know what brands these pieces are by! Our favorite labels are having fun flaunting their logos in fashionable patterns. Brands like Champion, Nike, and Under Armour ensure that all their pieces are as on-point when it comes to style as they are when it comes to performance. Our current crush? The logo sweatshirt. 

Sports and gym bags are also being influenced by this graphic trend. Whatever their size, it’s not unusual to see them showcasing company logos and visual cues.

Nylon Galore

This high-performance fabric isn't going anywhere soon! In addition to charming us with its bright and complementary colors, nylon is ultra lightweight and great for trapping body heat. Its windbreaking and water-repelling properties make it a favorite for activewear. In particular, nylon coats and short shorts are wowing us with their shiny finishes and energetic feel.

Luxury Activewear

If you’re looking for exceptional designs, let yourself be tempted by the high-end styles of these luxury labels. Adidas by Stella McCartney offers pieces featuring futuristic proportions and plays around with clothing’s ergonomics. Australian brand P.E Nation produces streetwear-inspired outfits that are still utterly elegant. Koral stands out by designing fabrics with impressive properties. Made in the United States, these pieces are the prized possessions of today’s top fashionistas.

Which styles motivate you the most?
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