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The Holiday Decor Guide

1 Nov 2019

Soon, a thick, white coat of snow will cover the ground, timeless carols will fill the air, and houses will shine bright with a thousand and one colours…

Soon, we’ll start celebrating the holidays and the new year!

Are you as excited as we are?

At Simons, we love the holidays and since we want everyone to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year to the max, we’ve created this fail-proof guide for an easy-to-do centrepiece, a gift basket to treat your guests, and a few tips to refresh your decor!

Merry Meals

Hosting during the holidays often means meals with loved ones. To go along with these glad gatherings (and delicious dishes made with love!), we always like to set a very merry and magical table.

Tablecloths are a key factor in setting the tone for your festivities. Go with one that's rustic to create a warm and casual feel, one that's traditional to bring back memories of holidays past, one that's sophisticated for more glamorous get-togethers, or one that's whimsical and full of bright colours to win over both kids and adults.

Carefully decked out and decorated, it will delight all your guests at first glance!

Add something extra to the ambience with trendy candles and lanterns, let your guests know where to sit with pretty place cards, and brighten up the table with original trivets that come in different themes.

A Centrepiece in 3 Easy Steps

Try this original way to trim the table with a decoration that’s been handmade by you! With holiday hues and a seasonal scent, it will shine bright at the centre of your table for many days if you give it a bit of love (and water!) daily. 

1. Gather what you’ll need: A decorative jar, wet floral foam for fresh flowers (found at your local florist’s or at a big box store), sprigs of fresh rosemary, a few bay leaves, fresh cranberries, and a votive candle.

2. Cut the foam block to the desired size and place it in the jar. Pierce the foam with the sprigs of rosemary and bay leaves, placing them in a circular arrangement.

3. Cover the base of the sprigs with a bed of fresh cranberries, and then add the cherry on top, the small, bright red votive candle!

Greet Your Guests

Hosting family members or friends from out of town for the holidays and looking for a way to really make them feel welcome? Why not prepare a nice surprise to have waiting in their guest room when they arrive?

A gift basket with specially selected items will make sure that they have a great stay and help them feel at home. Don’t hesitate to modify the basket’s contents according to your guest’s tastes. They’ll feel so privileged to have gotten such personalized picks!

A Gift Basket in 3 Easy Steps

1. First things first: Find the perfect basket! Here, we opted for a grid style in a trendy shade of metallic pink that'll showcase all our fantastic finds.

2. Fill your basket: A whimsical pillowcase, embroidered hand towels, a diffuser to fill the room with fragrance, and a decorative lantern to create a cozy atmosphere that'll really help them relax…

3. Add the finishing touch by wrapping it up with a ribbon and you're all done!

O Christmas Tree,

O Christmas Tree

Sometimes over the years, we lack a little imagination on ways to refresh our decorations for the holidays. But this season, we have more than one trick up our sleeves to inspire you!  

Start by adding new elements to your collection of holiday ornaments and garlands. In addition to updating your decorations with the latest trends, you'll enjoy reinventing your traditional tree and reworking your way of decorating the fireplace.

Opt for artisanal ornaments with old-timey, rustic charm. Try to add new textures like handworked felts. Test out a new tree skirt and Christmas stockings with modern motifs.

While you're decorating the tree, play your favourite holiday hits. There's nothing better to put you in the spirit! We've even come up with small list of songs to add (if you haven't already) to your playlist.


Christmas—Michael Bublé
These Are Special Times—Céline Dion
Under The Mistletoe—Justin Bieber
Joyeux Noël—Ginette Reno
Wintersong—Sarah McLachlan
Christmas Songs—Diana Krall
Noël—André Gagnon
Anne Murray's Christmas Album—Anne Murray
Des pas dans la neige—Maryse Letarte
Christmas Caravan—The Lost Fingers

Finally, what's better for admiring and enjoying your new decorations than a cozy nook created with soft cushions and comfy throws? It will make holiday movie nights even more magical!

Now you're done! Mission accomplished!