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Woman to Woman

7 Mar 2022
Woman to Woman Woman to Woman

Support, motivate, raise up. Dare to be yourself and work to move forward together.

Our team is full of incredible women who make every day brighter, so we wanted to amplify their voices. Together, we discussed the importance of being yourself, the power of gratitude, and the meaning of feminine strength.

I am me

“These days, it’s natural for the physical and the digital world to intersect. I want to help my daughter be proud of who she is, have confidence, be true to her values, and respect and help others, whether it’s online or in real life.”

Karine, Web Merchandising Director

I am brave

“To me, being brave means accepting who you are, even if you make mistakes, and not changing for others. It also means standing up for girls who need help.”

Marianne, Karine’s daughter

I am strong

“I’ve always been surrounded by strong female role models. These women showed me that it’s okay to embrace both your strengths and your weaknesses. That vulnerability is a form of bravery.”

Paméla, Buyer

I am powerful

“Each year on International Women’s Day, I think of my great grandmother, a fierce woman who was born on March 8. She gave birth in the middle of the Spanish Civil War, she had to move to a new country twice in her lifetime, and she got divorced at a time when that was rare. She inspires me, gives me courage, and makes me feel powerful.”

Victoria, Web Product Manager

I am grateful

“Every day we forge new paths and find out more about ourselves, but it’s also important to take time to thank the women who paved the way for us and helped get us to where we are today.”

Hoby, Photographer

I am woman

To me, the attributes listed are that of women  powerful creative forces with innate wisdom that bring balance into this world.

Jenny, Model

Two Meaningful Prints that Celebrate You

In honour of International Women’s Day, our buyers and designers at Contemporaine got together to talk about the themes that resonate with them on this special day. They talked about the importance of being your true self and what women can accomplish when they work together. Their brainstorming resulted in two exclusive designs, which we have printed on our lightweight, organic cotton jersey T-shirts.

For each T-shirt sold, $10 will be donated to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

All that I am

Each word is meaningful on its own, and together they form a cohesive whole, inviting you to proudly proclaim who you are inside.

Women helping women

The stylized figures stand together in solidarity, reminding us that we can find strength in others through a network of women who support one another.

The Canadian Women's Foundation The Canadian Women's Foundation

A leader in supporting women

The Canadian Women's Foundation is a national leader in the movement for gender equality in Canada. Through funding, research, advocacy, and knowledge sharing, the Foundation works to achieve systemic change. It supports numerous local and national community programs that help women, girls, and gender-diverse people move out of violence and poverty and into confidence and leadership. The Foundation was established in 1991 by its passionate founding mothers, eight trailblazing philanthropists dedicated to advancing women's rights. Since its creation, it has helped fund over 2,500 life-transforming programs throughout the country. A great example of how powerful women can be when they work together!