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Twik x Too Cool For School | In collaboration with @desseydoll

10 Nov 2018

It's with immense pleasure that influencer Despina Daniilidis wrote this article in which she tells us about her adventure in Seoul and her love for Too Cool For School's Korean skincare products that are now available at Simons.

Seoul Searching

Sweet Seoul, I've fallen for every part of you I've explored. When I breathe you in, I breathe in the relief of retreat and the colours of contentment. I look out at you and all I see is bliss.
When I was en route to South Korea for my project with Simons this April, my heart had already landed there so many times in the past.

Discovering K-Beauty

My love for skincare came about when I discovered Too Cool For School's Egg Mousse Soap back in 2015. Too Cool For School is a Korean beauty brand and was the first one I ever tried. And yes, I still use it to this day. At that time, I had started exploring skincare and cultivating a desire to properly take care of my skin. Soon after, I came across the world of Korean skincare by doing research online and decided to start my own skincare blog.

Perhaps you've heard, but most Koreans follow a 10-step routine to achieve healthy, nourished “glass-like” skin. It's become a global phenomenon for skincare lovers all over the world. Every step serves its purpose and allows each product to penetrate properly. The advanced ingredients and scientific research within the world of K-Beauty has innovated and inspired the beauty industry across the globe. Western companies now use similar ingredients and branding. Snail secretion filtrate, egg white and yolk extracts, ginseng, rice and ceramides are amongst some of the most popular K-Beauty ingredients. Conceptually, the products are branded to be fun and aesthetically pleasing. Regardless of how many products one has in their collection, it's more about the experience than how many products you own.

Seoul Trip

I've never felt more at home than I have in Seoul. Discovering more K-Beauty was mentally and physically one of the greatest experiences I've ever had in my life. Extensively researching, purchasing and applying all these beautiful products was simply unreal in every way.

While visiting, I stayed in Myeong-dong, a commercial area that's been popularized for its shopping and tourism districts. It is a skincare lover's paradise with endless alleys and streets filled with hundreds of beauty shops and tons of great street food. It is the hub for all things skincare. Every step you take, every turn you make, you'll never have to worry about missing a shop. Koreans are very welcoming and allow visitors to feel “at home.” The city always feels alive. Evenings turn into mornings, and true beauty is proven to not only be in the products, but also in the culture itself.

Twik x Too Cool For School

I wanted to find a way to make Korean skincare accessible here at Simons by carefully curating my favourite products by my favourite beauty company, Too Cool For School. Korean skincare is otherworldly. It's innovative, advanced and fun. Not only has it changed my skin for the better but it also has continuously allowed me to have a beauty routine that I can look forward to every morning and evening.

Too Cool For School is an artistic cosmetic brand focused on creative experimentation and contemporary culture. Today, it is one of the most sought-out brands in South Korea, setting new standards and advocating for artistic expression in beauty culture.

Shop the collection

Coconut Milky Body Scrub

Pumpkin Purifying 24k Mask

Coconut Sugar Scrub Lip Balm

With love...

Seoul wasn't a trip for me. Seoul was a moment of enlightenment and jubilation, a type of euphoria that I never knew existed. I manifested this thing I've always yearned to do. And I did it. I love you, sweet Seoul.

May you indulge in our custom K-Beauty boxes made in collaboration with Too Cool For School. Make sure to tag @maisonsimons, and to use #twik when unboxing your new K-Beauty boxes! Skincare is a beautiful experience.

You are loved.