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Dressing the world one pocket tee at a time!

6 June 2016

Poches & Fils is an up-and-coming Montreal company that makes pocket tees and tops. Its business concept is simple: customers choose the kind of top they want, then personalize it with a pocket they’d like to show off. Simons is pleased to present its first Poches & Fils collection at Twik.

We can’t get enough of these T-shirts and camis, each of which is accentuated by a small pocket printed with arrows, bananas, pineapples or kittens!

Photo credit: Poches & Fils


Poches & Fils began in 2015 when Nicolas Dubeau and Anthony Vendrame met as members of the Université de Montréal's Carabins team. Neither fits into any preconceived notion of professionals in the fashion industry. Both, however, saw the potential in their idea, and despite a lack of related experience, came together to launch their brand.

Alexandre Vanier eventually joined the pair to set up their transactional website, which features a fictitious story about the origins of Poches & Fils.


Humour is part and parcel of Poches & Fils' DNA, whether in choice of prints or in product marketing, as their slogan demonstrates: To each their own pocket. Its mission to “dress the world one pocket tee at a time” is equally tongue-in-cheek. In the eyes of the company's founders, people respond to humour, and their playful image is part of the reason for their success. Theirs is a creative and unique way of looking at the world of fashion.

Discover our Poches & Fils collection for men

Discover our Poches & Fils collection for women



Born of an intense desire to show off his pocket in public and inspired by the work of Henry Ford and his assembly line, Ludwig founded the Von der poches manufactures. He developed a process he called “Stitching” and then started the trade of pockets. He passed the family business to his two sons Alfred and the Marquis.