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LG Chabot: A 125-Year-Old Family Story

30 Nov 2018

At the Chabot printing company, we feel like we're at home. The father, Guy, and the two brothers, Benoît and Jean-François, warmly invite us in to sit at their family table, one of the places where probably their biggest projects have come to life. We settle in comfortably, surrounded by bookcases that hold several of their archives. We're witness to a convivial exchange centered around family, printing, history, and fun anecdotes. They give each other knowing looks, laugh in unison, and finish each other's sentences, revealing their touching family bond. We listen and take in everything they have to tell us.

Louis-Germain Chabot opened his shop on Côte de Montagne, just a few doors from the Gazette de Québec in 1893. The company's speciality at that time? Bookbinding. Over the years, they began printing.

It’s at that precise moment in time during the 1970s that LG Chabot and Simons first began collaborating. Claude A. Simard was the head of publicity at Simons and relied greatly on paper advertising. In addition, LG Chabot had been printing our paper gift certificates for many years.

In 1995, the printing company moved to Rue Franck-Carrel, and then in September 2015, they settled in the Parc Industriel Frontenac on Rue Maurice-Bois, needing more space to support their needs. Today, they continue to print our business cards using an embossing process that's chic and unique like Simons' image.

The smell of ink fills the print shop. Notebooks, papers, and binders are all stacked next to each other. We’re walking where all projects, big and small, are made.

A small team works together meticulously. It’s all about the details. Machines and tools for stamping, screen-printing, bookbinding, embossing, digital printing, and much more surround us. Everyone knows that the Chabot family has more than one trick up their sleeve. They’re extremely skilled, which allows them to really stand out from the competition. Their mastery of a number of crafts allows them to take on any (or almost any) project.

Over the past 125 years, the LG Chabot printing company has overseen more than one project. A few of them have been particularly noteworthy, like their work embossing and gilding the almost 150,000 copies of the cover of the French Canadian edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Another of the company's impressive projects was creating the 34 copies of the 2001 Summit of the Americas Declaration. It was screen-printed on Saint-Gilles paper that had been handmade with a red maple leaf at the bottom. Talk about a unique project that is deeply rooted in the history of Quebec and Canada! 

Since the beginning, LG Chabot’s values have remained the same and, according to them, they are what continue to guarantee their success today: communication, respect, and excellence. Good communication is the definition of success. Having good communication with their customers and employees ensures that all projects exceed expectations.

Respect in all its forms is key. It's important to respect your craft, your customers, your suppliers, and of course the company's founder and the entire family that has worked for years to keep the printing company at the top of its craft. And finally, excellence. For LG Chabot, it is important to always offer the best and to keep their standards high so that their customers are constantly satisfied. Of course, excellent management is synonymous with infinite success.


For the Chabot family, paper isn't dead and the lightning fast rise of the digital era isn't necessarily a bad thing. Rather, it's an important addition. It's a communication platform that allows the company to be even more visible on the market. What's more, they really see the new generation taking an interest in crafts. They're crossing their fingers in order to be able to take advantage of this renewed interest in the near future, since passing on the business is the biggest challenge today.

By keeping their company values, motivation to stand out on the market, and family bonds close to their heart, LG Chabot will be bookbinding and printing for many years to come.