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Family ties

7 Oct 2017

When it comes to making leather goods, it’s hard to beat Italian expertise. For family-run company Fracap, every single shoe that’s made is treated like a work of art. Simons is proud to collaborate with the Cappellos in offering high-quality, fashionable boots for men.

In a small, countryside village located on the heel of the Italian boot, Antonio Cappello created his very first pair of handmade shoes. As he worked tirelessly towards mastering the craft, his products quickly rose to prominence and became renowned among farmers for their robustness and durability.

The son of a Scottish immigrant opened an imported goods store in the heart of the city. John Simons routinely travelled to Europe and back to ensure that he offered the very best and latest merchandise on the market.

As time passed, these two companies were handed down from generation to generation. Their visionary successors have allowed them to evolve over the years, ultimately becoming successful enterprises that refuse to compromise on quality and service.

With such similar stories, it seems only natural that Fracap and Simons should collaborate.

Our buyers met with Antonio’s grandson, Michele Cappello, and the brand’s artistic director, Luigi Partipilo, in Italy. Together, they created two exclusive versions of Fracap’s timeless Magnifico boot, which they called the Heritage M120 Scarponcino boots.

The original design was invented by Michele’s father, Alfredo, who wanted to create a shoe that could be worn as easily in the mountains as in everyday life. The result: A sleek, durable, and comfortable product with a name that came suddenly and naturally. Upon first seeing the boot, Alfredo’s wife exclaimed, “Magnifico!”.

To add a touch of Simons to Fracap’s classic design, our buyers chose all the different components that make up the two pairs of boots, from the colour of the laces, outsole, and material to the type of eyelets and leather finish. This resulted in two unique looks.
While one is classic and masculine, the other is elegant and fashion forward, and both come with an extra pair of the style’s signature red laces.

The exclusive Heritage M120 Scarponcino boots were handcrafted with quality Italian leather using Alfredo Capello’s original Magnifico design and the same traditional techniques that Fracap has cherished for decades.

While the upper was stitched to the midsole for optimal comfort and robustness, the outsole was milled to give the boot its impeccable shape. Then, as a final touch, the leather was waxed to provide a natural and shiny finish.

In sum, the combination of Simons’ stylish flair and Fracap’s expertise has resulted in a truly flawless product. All that’s left for you to do is try it… and love it.