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Estelle & Lucille, knitwear made by grandma

5 Oct 2016

As soon as we hear the comforting crunch of colourful leaves under our feet, we start thinking about keeping cosy. We want to fill our wardrobes with sweaters, knits, and soft, snug clothing. 

Defining comfort itself is a young Quebec company of handmade knits called Estelle & Lucille. Their idea is to design, make, and sell modern knitwear produced by grandmothers who use contemporary patterns and up-to-date construction.

The knits are homemade at the pace of each grandmother and without any deadlines. The wool, needles, and patterns are delivered to the knitters' homes and time is taken to talk and visit with each of them. What's even better is that 25% of the knitwear sales are given to the Société Alzheimer de Québec, an important cause for the two company founders whose paternal grandmothers, Estelle Charbonneau and Lucille Dionne, were both affected by the disease. Even some of the knitting grandmothers donate their earnings to the cause.


Sophie Michaud-Bélanger (a stylist) and Marianne Charbonneau (an architect) began this project in 2013 while discussing starting a business together. Marianne was interested in knits and patterns and Sophie had a good understanding of trends, fabrics, and fibres. From there, the idea of starting a knitting company began to take shape.

Excited about their idea, the two founders were quickly drawn to the concept of applying the knitting know-how of the older generation and of working with local grandmothers to add unique value to the product. The undeniable skill of the elderly and the potential for an intergenerational partnership thus grew to be the heart of the company. Following the death Sophie’s grandmother, their goal became even clearer: To support the mission of the Société Alzheimer de Québec by selling knits that were handmade by grandmothers online.  

At Twik, we‘re supporting their project of helping and assisting loved ones affected by Alzheimers by offering an exclusive collection featuring awareness messages. For every Estelle & Lucille item purchased, Simons will give $5 to the Alzheimer Society of Canada. 

It’s time to support the cause here.