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Cultiver l'Espoir: An Inspiring Organic Agricultural Production Program

22 Mar 2019

Summer 2019

It's been a successful season for Cultiver l'Espoir! Thanks to Team Green, 142,715 servings of delicious vegetables were harvested and distributed free of charge in our province's grocery stores and food banks. We only have three words left to say:
Plant, harvest, distribute!

March 2019

Socially concerned by humanitarian and environmental causes, our Twik team seeks out new causes to support each season. Because we know that we can make a difference in the world by what we do, getting involved and taking concrete action has become instinctive to us.

This spring, the team wanted to doubly invest itself in its newest project by creating a clothing collection made from eco-friendly materials that we called Team Green. When you buy one of these garments made of certified lyocell and organic cotton, $5 will be donated to the Cultiver l'Espoir program.   

Cultiver l’Espoir is a unique project that Regroupement Partage has planted here in North America. The program’s goal is to distribute organic vegetables to families in need, while financing itself by selling a portion of its produce in grocery stores. What’s more, the vegetables are cared for by youths in social reintegration. It’s an inspiring initiative that’s helping out a lot of people.

From May to October, everyone works the land. Three vital steps take place during our short gardening season: planting, harvesting, and distributing.

Planting Planting

At the beginning of each summer, youths in social reintegration plant three types of vegetables under the guidance of the experienced agricultural workers from the D-3 Pierres company. What vegetables do they plant? Carrots, cabbages, and rutabagas. The Ville de Montréal has placed almost 24 hectares of undeveloped farmland at the organization’s disposal, the equivalent of 40 American football fields. It’s a dream come true for growing lots and lots of vitamins for families in need. 

field planting field planting
Harvesting Harvesting
Harvesting vegetables Harvesting vegetables

Towards the end of the summer, the whole team gets together to harvest. Everyone rolls up their sleeves and gathers all the root vegetables that grew during the season. In 2018, they distributed 600,000 servings for free from a crop of almost 110 tons. 55% of the crop is given to food banks and 45% is sold in Metro and Super C grocery stores within the province so that people from all over Quebec to can enjoy the produce, while at the same time ensuring the continuation of program.  

Distributing Distributing
Cultiver espoir volunteer Cultiver espoir volunteer

Following this fruitful harvest, the organization goes into distribution mode. It’s the big moment everyone’s been waiting for. Their abundant crop of organic vegetables allows them to help 30,000 disadvantaged Montreal families through the recipient food banks: Sun Youth, Welcome Hall Mission, and Moisson Montréal.

Cultiver l’Espoir dreams of growing bigger and of distributing even more. For them, the idea is simple: inspire other cities in Quebec to use their undeveloped land to provide more fresh, organic, and local vegetables for families in need. And why not all across Canada? The program has already been called to be presented to various provincial, national, and international forums. Talk to your friends about this promising, innovative, and generous initiative. Together, let’s promote access to quality vegetables for everyone!  

Green team logo Green team logo

Green team label

Take part in the movement by picking up pieces made of eco-friendly materials from our Team Green collection. With each item sold, $5 will be donated to the Cultiver l'Espoir organization.

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