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A most gracious host

4 Oct 2017

Staying in one of the hotels by Group Germain Hotels is almost like being hosted by a member of your family! From coast to coast, they go above and beyond so that each guest feels unique, special, and pampered. 

With 14 locations across Canada, 4 more hotels already under construction, and a goal of 20 hotel resorts by 2020, the story you’re about to hear is about a growing success. And, above all, it’s a story about family.


It all began in 1957 when the parents of the Germain clan, Huguette and Victor, opened their very first business. Having been brought up in this type of environment, Huguette and Victor's two children, Christiane and Jean-Yves, wasted no time in demonstrating their skills in management.

While in their early twenties, the two siblings showed great leadership and developed original restaurant concepts that quickly made an impression on the Quebec City scene.

While on a trip to New York City in the 80's, they had an epiphany. They both fell in love with a hotel based on an innovative boutique-hotel concept. They were quickly captivated by its design, attention to detail, and its outstanding service.

It was decided. They would introduce this type of hotel in Quebec City. In 1988, their new hotel opened under the name Hôtel Germain-des-Prés. It was the first of its kind in the country!

Since then, the family has continued to grow and now the 3rd generation of Germains has joined the business. With the same passion as their parents, Hugo, Marie Pier, and Clarah all share and carry on Christiane and Jean-Yves’ dream.


Her desire to give and make people happy is one that she’s had for a long time. Before wanting to go into business, she wanted to become a missionary and a flight attendant!

To guarantee the comfort of her guests, she tests out everything without exception, from the room’s products to its furniture!

Her greatest role model is Coco Chanel. “She was an incredibly inspiring woman whose legacy for women extends far beyond fashion.”

Contrary to what the name implies, a boutique hotel is not a hotel where one can find boutiques. The concept is defined by its personalized service, average size, architecture and design, and urban location.

In a boutique hotel, we don’t do things on a large scale. We provide personalized services and quality. Authenticity is reflected in who we are and what we offer.

- Christiane Germain

This way, every employee becomes a host and every customer, a guest. Their ultimate goal and greatest motivation? Making people happy!

“We all, as team members, take special care with our guests to ensure they feel at home.”

To accomplish this, the family surrounds themselves with a dedicated team. All members of their team are chosen for their natural desire to welcome and take care of their guests.


Both being large family businesses from Quebec City headed by members of their founding families, currently expanding across Canada, and sharing the ultimate desire of satisfying their clientele through their attention to detail and by creating beautiful spaces with innovative designs, Group Germain Hotels and Simons have a lot in common.

Since 2014, it’s been possible to buy the bedding that’s made Le Germain Hotels famous for comfort in certain Simons stores and on its website. Canadian white goose down duvets, down and feather pillows, duvets and sheets made of a blend of bamboo and Egyptian cotton…

What a wonderful way for the clientele of these two companies to discover, extend, or relive the enjoyment of a hotel stay!