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Mothers, artists and friends.

Meet Marie-Pier and Maud, the founders of mpgmb, their new creative venture. After meeting in college, they both studied design in university. These were the formative years of their longstanding friendship and connection. Producing art pieces from prints to ceramics, mpgmb encompasses both of their passions wholeheartedly. 


After graduating, Marie-Pier and Maud wanted to embark on a business venture together rather than work for someone else. They began in 2008 by making fun and affordable products specifically for pets. As their business grew, they needed to prioritise marketing and management instead of design. Contemplating options, both Marie-Pier and Maud took the decision to focus on their own ventures for the time being. Marie-Pier worked in design and construction, while Maud project managed in the ceramic field.


As time went on, Marie-Pier and Maud both knew creativity was missing from the equation. That's when they both joined forces to establish a collaborative project together. Using their expertise in interior architecture and products, they developed various prototypes and designs together in small series in order to share their enthusiasm and excitement for their creations. They participated in Souk, a renowned design festival marketplace in Montreal, for which they created specific capsule collections that allowed them to stay in a creative zone. Designing various objects from mirrors to wall clocks to prints, their company offers a variety of utilitarian pieces for everyday uses and spaces. Making all their pieces by hand in Montreal, Marie-Pier and Maud make sure to use nothing but high-quality and eco-sourced materials.

Their objective is to make pieces they would use themselves, then offer them to like-minded consumers.