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Why to Get Cracking on a Coop.

So, which came first? The chicken, the egg... Or was it the coop? POC POC is a modern take on a hen house that's been made for urban backyards. It was designed by Alexandre McLean, Étienne Lapierre and Declan Rankin Jardin, the same trio who founded Alvéole in 2012. After several years spent beekeeping in Manitoba, they left their proverbial business nest to spread their passion and introduce bee hives into urban areas. The same drive that led them to help city folk reconnect with nature and interact with bees soon led them to expand their horizons to another species.

What POC POC Offers

A contemporary coop perfect for two charming lodgers, all year round. Created by an industrial design firm, a prototype was tested out with the help of 50 families over two years before it hatched into its current version. Modern, built to last, and constructed in Canada from A to Z, this ultimate hen hacienda is keeper-friendly, and it guarantees that its residents will remain safe from intruders. The company sells coops and accessories, but it also refers customers to certified farmers who provide hens and feed, along with veterinary resources to help care for their animals.

So, Who Should Keep Hens?

Everyone! Well, almost. First, make sure it’s legal where you live. According to POC POC, most cities in Canada are in the process of reviewing their animal control bylaws, but urban chickens should soon become legal almost everywhere over the next few years. Currently, hens are allowed in most urban areas, provided that no complaints have been filed. You don’t need a farm or a big piece of land to keep chickens, and it won’t take a lot of time or effort either. You just have to want a pet that’s a bit out of the ordinary, be ready to take it from the barnyard to live in your yard, and want to participate in local food production.

And Why?

There are many advantages to adopting feathered friends. One is that you'll get to cook with fresh eggs every day, since the hens will lay about 12 to 14 eggs per week. This system also allows people reconnect with food production and gives them access to abundant and free fertilizer. Not to be overlooked as well is the therapeutic effect of these endearing and comforting animals that are approachable and will let you pick them up and pet them. Hens are also a zero-waste pet, and will help you decrease your carbon footprint. By adopting two hens, a family of four can reduce its waste volume by a third, making this a fun and educational way to decrease your environmental impact and increase awareness about this global issue.

Itching to Embark on a New Poultry Adventure, but Don't Know Where to Start?

POC POC will email you its free beginner's guide, For Chickens Clucking With Joy. It covers everything from adoption and care to coop maintenance. When you're ready, simply order your coop online. Delivery is free and the easy-to-assemble coop comes flat-packed for your convenience. You'll soon be able to welcome one or more feathered friends and start living an eggs-cellent life!

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