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Tuques & Berets

Merino wool cuff tuque Can$25.00 Can$19.99
Ribbed monochrome tuque Can$25.00 Can$19.99
Sparkly heather-knit tuque Can$19.00 Can$9.99
Pompom knit beret Can$29.00 Can$19.99
Lambswool ribbed tuque Can$25.00 Can$19.99
Rib-trim knit tuque Can$25.00 Can$9.99
Athletic-logo beanie Can$25.00
Adidas Originals
Tricolour logo retro tuque Can$49.00
Tommy Jeans
Logo patch wool tuque Can$40.00
Merino cuff tuque Can$150.00
Canada Goose
Merino basket knit tuque Can$95.00
Canada Goose
Cable knit merino tuque Can$75.00
Canada Goose
Quilted down tuque Can$195.00
Canada Goose
Faux-fur pompom tricolour tuque Can$30.00 Can$19.99
Tommy Hilfiger
Colourful pompom tuque Can$50.00 Can$39.95

Women's hats, caps, and tuques for all seasons

Okay, so most hats are primarily used as protection against the elements—but they're also a great way to accentuate your look and make a strong style statement in the process. All you have to do is invest in a hat that suits not only the weather but also your aesthetic. Whether it's freezing cold, blazing hot, or something in-between, keep your head protected and highlight your outfit with an extensive collection of hats for every aspect of your fashion sense. From cozy winter tuques to distinctively fashionable fedoras, find the ideal headgear in our carefully curated selection. 

A strong style statement from top to toe

With quality brands like Brixton, Canada Goose, and our own signature accessories, it's easy to become a trendsetter for any season with Simons. For added impact, think about matching your ensemble with headwear that subverts expectations. For instance, you could choose a winter hat with bright colours and decorative flourishes—a bold statement in a sea of dark winter coats—pair a modern ensemble with a cute retro baseball cap, or accessorize that dazzling dress with a chic, wide-brimmed fedora. Above all, make sure your choice of headwear adds a touch of personal flair. 

How to choose the right hat for yourself

It's not just climate and occasion that affects your choice of hat: there are other aspects to take into consideration, the most important being the shape of your face. Like any accessory, there's some trial and error to finding a hat that works with your personal style and facial appearance. Even so, there are some broad guidelines to bear in mind. Round faces, for example, are complemented by wide-brim hats, and square faces suit rounder headgear that softens hard angles. Long faces tend to suit hat styles that sit low on the forehead, like a fedora or cloche—whereas the opposite is true for heart- and triangular-shaped faces.  


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