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XXL-Cuff Tuques

Wear this mega hit for a level of comfort that's hard to come by.


Pure wool XXL-cuff tuque

Women's Cuffed-tuques at Simons

Charming Tartan

Watch this iconic style weave its magic! From chic neutrals to emblematic red and other bright colours, this number's doing everything right!

Winter Scarves for Women at Simons

Our Best Sellers

Glitter Bomb(shell)

With our sparkling nylons, you'll be the most dazzling attraction at all your holiday bashes.

Sparkling nylons at Simons

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Well-Received Watches

Do you dream of having more time on your hands? These modern designs are the answer.

Women's watch by Rosefield at Simons

Max Glam

Long earrings and sparkly jewellery are the shining stars at all this season's main events!

On Your Arm

Play your winning hand with these desirable pieces: animal prints, gold chains, undersized styles, and more!

Evening bags for women at Simons

Zodiacs from A-Z

Your romance with these socks was written in the stars!

Women's socks at Simons

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