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As its name suggests, down is made up of the finest, softest, lightest, and fluffiest feathers that there are, giving it exceptional properties and a guarantee of high quality. A fibre with remarkable loft and impressive thermal capabilities, down forms clusters of small filaments that trap air, allowing it to hold in heat.

Compared to other natural insulators like wool, down offers a better heat-to-weight ratio. Appreciated in activewear for being breathable and highly compressible, down clothing has won over our daily wardrobes.

Responsible feather and down

Why choose responsible down?

The goal of this standard is to ensure that the down and feathers used to make our Responsible Down products come from farms that are recognized and certified for their responsible breeding practices.

Among other things, this norm guarantees that the essential needs for animal welfare as defined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council are respected.1 This includes:

Ready access to fresh water and a healthy diet

The proper environment and facilities

The prevention as well as the rapid diagnosis and treatment of illnesses

Conditions and treatment that promote animal welfare

Another important benefit of down is its long life cycle. In fact, this natural and biodegradable fibre keeps its loft and insulation properties throughout its life if it's well maintained. This is why it's important to properly care for your down product by washing it when necessary and making sure to store it when it's fully dry.

There's also been continued progress in alternative solutions to down. Many brands specialize in making coats that open up new possibilities for insulation. It's becoming more and more common to find equivalents made of recycled polyester or plant-based materials.

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