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Fashion, Inspired by Nature

The dyeing, washing, printing, and treatment of fabrics wastes thousands of litres of water per day around the world.

Luckily, the development and use of dyes made entirely of natural ingredients is bringing a little life back into the textile industry. In addition to using renewable resources, this type of dyeing process leaves zero trace of chemicals in its waste water.

In order to offer a wide variety of colours, our artisans and specialized dyeing workshops are turning to a panoply of plants, spices, and fruits, like tea, turmeric, pomegranate, eucalyptus, and many more. Not only are these dyeing processes more sustainable, they're also entirely natural and gentle on your skin.

This dyeing technique also provides each item with a unique look thanks to its variations in colour and texture, which add character and highlight the rustic beauty and authenticity of these products.

Because no artificial dye could ever rival the colours that nature has to offer!

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