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Sequined, Satiny, and Metallic

If it's got some shimmer and shine to it, make it yours!

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A young woman wears a teal satin dress
A young woman smiles
A young woman is wearing metallic blue pants

Holiday Shop

Gathered here: fun and festive ideas to help you put together the perfect party look,
create an enchanting decor, or check every gift off your list.

Festive background
Vision Organic cotton straight-fit T-shirt dress Organic cotton straight-fit T-shirt dress
Twik exclusive

Organic cotton straight-fit T-shirt dress


Plush-knit loose mock-neck sweater Plush-knit loose mock-neck sweater
Twik exclusive

Plush-knit loose mock-neck sweater

$50.00 $39.95

Vision Zip-collar polar fleece sweatshirt Zip-collar polar fleece sweatshirt
Twik exclusive

Zip-collar polar fleece sweatshirt

$49.00 $39.95

Vision Recycled fibre puff jacket Recycled fibre puff jacket
Twik exclusive

Recycled fibre puff jacket

$200.00 $139.95

Velvety straight pant Velvety straight pant
Twik exclusive

Velvety straight pant

$79.00 $49.95

Vision Loose pocket satin shirt Loose pocket satin shirt
Twik exclusive

Loose pocket satin shirt

$59.00 $39.95

Coloured chenille cardigan Coloured chenille cardigan
Twik exclusive

Coloured chenille cardigan

$50.00 $29.95

Nylon details sherpa sweatshirt Nylon details sherpa sweatshirt
Twik exclusive

Nylon details sherpa sweatshirt

$69.00 $49.95

Our Categories in Brief

Interwoven: Sweaters and Coats

One should never be worn without the other.

A young woman picks pumpkins A young woman wears a long orange scarf A smiling young woman in a jacquard knit sweater

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