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Tips and Tricks

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  • NECK

    Measure the neck from the centre of the collar to the centre of the buttonhole in order to make a complete circle with the tape measure.



    The tape measure should be at the centre of the chest and pass under the underarms and over the shoulder blades. Keep your arms down by your sides. 


    Wrap the tape measure around your waist. Take the measurement at the narrowest point.

  • HIPS

    Stand up straight with your feet together and measure your hips at the widest point. 


    Bend your elbow slightly and start measuring from the middle of the back at the base of the neck. Measure along the shoulder and elbow, ending at the wrist. 


    Mesurer la longueur complète de l’entrejambe jusqu’au sol.

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    Generally, the bigger the drop, the snugger the suit's fit. 

  • TIP

    Our exclusive Le 31 suits are available with drops of 8, 7, and 6, depending on their fit.

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    The stitching should sit where the shoulder drops, not above or below.


    The lapels should naturally fall flat on the chest. They should not be strained or crinkle.


    There should be no tension on the jacket's button or buttons. The jacket should rest naturally at the waist without wrinkling.


    In order to find the right length, place your arms by your sides. The jacket should fall somewhere between your wrist and the base of your fingers.


    Your sleeves should end above the wrist and should show about ½ inch of the dress shirt's sleeves.


    The sides of the pant should not be tight or wrinkled. The length should lightly drape in the front and just barely break on the shoe.

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    - Alternate between suits to allow the fabric to resume and maintain its shape.

    - Avoid taking your suit to the dry cleaner's too often. The cleaning products used can damage the fibres. Ideally, a suit or jacket should be cleaned once every six months.

  • TIP

    It is recommended to dry clean the jacket and pants together. 


    Stains can be removed with a damp cloth and steaming your suit can help to keep it fresh.

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    Visit the customer service desk at the Simons store of your choice with your suit, jacket, or pant and your receipt. 

    Our highly-qualified seamstresses will measure and sew the hems of your pants to the appropriate length in just an hour, free of charge, in the tailoring shops we have in all our stores.

    For alterations on suits, jackets, and pants purchased at Simons, a discount of 10% of the overall price of the items before taxes will be applied to the cost of the alteration services.

    A perfect, tailor-made fit in no time at all that’s perfectly suited to your shape so you can enjoy maximum comfort.

    Are you a member of The Simons? As an Insider member of our rewards program, you can enjoy unlimited free alterations for 12 months after the date of purchase. 


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  • WOOL

    A natural fibre, wool is frequently used as the fabric for suits and jackets. Soft, fine, and lightweight, it's known for its impeccable elegance.


    This is the perfect fabric for travellers. Easy to care for, the blend ensures you look impeccably dressed at all times and that you avoid unwanted wrinkles, especially while on the go.


    Marzotto is one of the biggest Italian fabric houses and stands for superior quality. Their soft and fine wool produces the most meticulously made creations that deliver Italian luxury.


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