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Antonio Marras

It was through working in his family's shop that Italian fashion designer Antonio Marras, born in Sardinia in 1961, became acquainted with the ready-to-wear industry. Passionate about fashion and fascinated by Elio Fiorucci's novel emporium in Milan, he created his eponymous collection in 1996. His first designs were crafted from recycled vintage pieces made using precious fabrics. It wouldn't take long for him to establish himself as one of Italy's leading avant-garde designers. The self-taught talent, known for authentic style and sophisticated aesthetics, believes that poetry goes hand in hand with creation and that it is capable of changing the world. Admired for his many skills, Antonio Marras has become a reference in the world of fashion with his impeccable cuts and clean, exquisite lines. His collections are synonymous with luxury ready-to-wear and the very embodiment of contemporary style.