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Tips and Tricks

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It insulates the body against cold and heat and wicks away moisture
to guarantee superior comfort.


    Wool requires minimal care. To keep your knits looking beautiful for as long
    as possible, it’s important to carefully follow the care instructions.


    Hand wash your knits in cold water.
    Let them soak for a few minutes in mild detergent.
    Rinse them well.


    Lay your knits flat on a towel, press them, and then reshape them. Do not wring them and never put them in the dryer!

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Each type of wool is unique. Discover the different kinds of knits
to help you choose the one that meets your needs!


    The ultimate when it comes to luxury! 
    Smooth and light, it’s the softest fibre there is. These knits are delicate, comfortable beyond compare, and elegant in appearance.


    This is a fine and light fibre that’s very soft against the skin. It’s used in slouchy knits that are particularly perfect for layering over a shirt or under a blazer. 


    This warm and thick wool comes from a lamb’s very first fleece. It’s used in casual knits that are as comfortable to wear outdoors as they are indoors


    Irresistibly beautiful wool made from extremely soft and delicate rabbit’s fur.
    This fuzzy fibre is frequently found in ultra-feminine sweaters and fashion accessories that fight off freezing temps.


    This wool is characteristically thick with a curly texture. It hold its shape,
    is pleasant to wear, and is often used for blazers and coats. 


    Rustic in appearance, this wool provides superior protection against the cold.
    It’s particularly popular for thick, chunky knits that will keep you warm
    all winter long.


    This durable fibre has terrific thermal properties. It’s often used in seasonal clothing and accessories since it insulates against cold and heat.