An exclusive Simons collection designed for businessmen on the move.

Combine elegance and efficiency with these innovative, easy-care materials that adapt to your movements and allow you to look flawless while in transit.

Le 31

Recycled polyester puffer vest


The Turtleneck

It's rising to the top and taking your essentials to the next level.

Dressy or casual, it stands out as perfectly beneath a blazer as it does an outerwear jacket.

Le 31

Twisted cable turtleneck


Cargo Pants

Fashion has declared martial law as military styles take to the streets! Utility details and sporty pieces are the new civilian dress code.


Sage cargo joggers

Sage cargo joggers for men by FairPlay at Simons

Professional Traveller

Simplify your everyday from start to finish, no matter the agenda.

Chic Shoes

Discover today's latest arrivals to always look your best.

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The Businessman's Best Friend

Head back to work with briefcase in hand.

NoHo District

An eclectic, expressive identity shaped by this emerging Los Angeles neighbourhood.

Satiny Oxford Traveller Shirt

With its micro-perforated vertical stretch inserts, it allows heat to escape while adapting to your movements.

Load Up On Camo

Dark camouflage has taken point in this tactical trend where neon shades share space with sportswear.

Utility camo shirt for men by Djab at Simons

Bamboo Boxers

For a limited time

3 for

Go the Recycled Route

With or without a hood, shiny or colour blocked, down jackets are THE style everyone needs for fall.

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