Fabrique 1840

Happy Hosting

This holiday, the most valuable thing you could display on your table is... time. Every treasure you set out will represent the hard work and time that local creators have put into crafting it.

When it comes to tackling the table preparations, put out carefully handwoven linens embellished with beautiful dinnerware moulded by a local craftsperson.


Wave edge set (set of 3)

Handmade in Montreal

Bring on the guests! As a "thank you" for welcoming them so warmly into your home, they've brought little savoury treats that were cooked and wrapped the old fashioned way.

Les Filles Fattoush

Homemade zaatar

Packaged in Montreal

Let the festivities begin! From appetizers to desserts, the colours and flavours from around here and elsewhere are putting on a show for the senses, reminding you to savour every moment.

Welcome Canadian creators to your table!

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