Fabrique 1840

For the very first edition of this award that aims to support the creative economy, Fabrique 1840 will present a $10,000 prize to a craftsperson who stood out through the creativity and quality of their products. Candidates will be required to submit a new or old creation that explores the chosen theme: revival. Often synonymous with rebirth, revival is a stage of transformation that brings hope, which is what we wanted to celebrate.

Through this unprecedented event, Fabrique 1840 wants to support the development of Canada's community of entrepreneurial craftspeople. In addition to the award presented by the jury, three people's choice prizes will also be awarded. These candidates will receive a marketing toolkit that includes professional photos for 10 of their products, as well as a feature on the simons.ca home page and in a Simons newsletter with the goal of increasing their businesses' online visibility, which is now so essential for their growth.

Peter Simons

President and CEO of Simons

Deborah Wang

Artistic Director at DesignTO

Jody Phillips

Former Director of IDS Vancouver for six years and an ambassadress on the West Coast's design scene

Maegan Black

Director of the Canadian Crafts Federation

Muriel Françoise

Montreal correspondent for Milk & Milk Decoration and founder of Mezzanine

Once the selection committee has received the applications, the jury will carefully evaluate them to determine which craftsperson will receive the award. At the same time, the jury will select 30 finalists that will be entered for the people's choice award in three categories: fashion accessories, home, and kids. The public will have 10 days to submit their three votes—one per category.

The three people's choice awards will be determined based on the number of votes received in each of the three categories.

Applicants will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
• The originality of the piece
• Respect of the theme
• The quality of the craftsperson's work and skills
• The functionality of the piece

You can submit your application for this award even if you aren't a part of the Fabrique 1840 community. If you are selected as one of the 30 finalists, you must agree to sell your products on our platform before continuing on to the next step.

All products presented as part of this award will be made available for purchase online. Ideally, the piece should be able to be reproduced, although it isn't mandatory.

Finally, all candidates must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents and their business must be registered in Canada.

Applications are open from April 21 to May 21, 2021.

The 30 finalists will be announced on Fabrique 1840's website on June 11. The public will have until June 20 to submit their votes.

Winners will be announced the week of July 5.

Only finalists will be contacted by email at each stage before the choices are made public.

Fabrique 1840 will organize a contest to encourage the public to vote. People will choose their favourite piece in each of the three categories presented. Once the voting period is over, one winner from among all of those who voted will be randomly drawn in each category and will receive the piece for which they voted. Each participant will only be able to win once.

Following the draw, Fabrique 1840 will purchase the three creations selected in order to offer them to the winners of the people's choice contest. The craftspeople concerned will have two weeks to ship their pieces. Fabrique 1840 will also cover shipping costs (a shipping voucher will be provided by our team).

To apply, present a new or old creation that explores this year's theme: revival. Click the button below to complete the form and attach the following documents before midnight on May 21, 2021:

• A text of up to 250 words (maximum) describing your career, your practice, and how the piece illustrates your interpretation of the theme
• Three to five professional photos in 1606 px (width) X 2175 px (height) format, which must show the piece from all angles, as well as some manufacturing details, if applicable
• Your resume

Finally, you must have carefully read the award details and agreed to the terms and conditions for participation.

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