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Egyptian cotton and bamboo sheet set, 330 thread count Starting at Can$160.00
Hôtels Le Germain

The elegant appeal of Egyptian cotton sheets

The absolute essentials for any bedroom décor are the sheets you sleep on every night. After all, not only should your bedding look spectacular—it should provide that extra level of comfort for you to sleep soundly every night. Achieve this level of comfort and class by investing in Egyptian cotton sheets. Handpicked from the Gossypium Barbadense cotton species in Egypt—traditionally considered the finest cotton in the world—you can rest assured that Egyptian cotton sheets are the most sublime accent to any fashionable bedroom décor and irresistibly soft to the touch. 

The pinnacle of all cottons

Egyptian cotton is often held up as the gold standard for cotton, but what exactly does that mean? What makes it so special? Egyptian cotton is a natural product that is handpicked rather than machine processed, leaving the cotton straight which improves the fabric's strength and durability. Egyptian cotton threads and yarns are longer and thinner in diameter—partly because of the ideal cotton-growing climate in Egypt—creating a stronger and softer cotton. The threads are also woven closer together for a finer finish that provides a lightweight, breathable, and luxurious feel.  

Why you should choose Egyptian cotton

Experience a fabulous sleep like no other when you choose Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Made from the finest fabric and available in easy-to-accent neutral tones, investing in these sheets will be one of your smartest purchases. Because of Egyptian cotton's strength, you can expect the sheets to be firm at first, but with every consecutive wash they will get softer and softer. Egyptian cotton also resists pilling after repeat washing, which means it produces little lint. In other words, like a fine wine, your sheets will improve with age. So, are you ready to experience a sound night's sleep? 

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